By: Savannah Smith | 05-16-2017 | News
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Can Gowdy Really Withdraw From The 'Running' To Be The Next FBI Director?

Has Trey Gowdy conclusively withdrawn from the running for the next FBI Director - the post vacated by ousted former agency chief James Comey?

The South Carolina Republican announced on Monday that he has told Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the qualities he thinks the next FBI director should possess. He added, though, that he has also informed Sessions of his “firm conviction” that he would not be the right person for the crucial post.

Gowdy has also released a statement that the country and the men and women of the FBI deserve a Director with not only impeccable credentials but also one who can unite the country as the nation strives for justice and truth. Gowdy added that he is confident that such person will emerge


Gowdy enjoys strong support and high trust from U.S. Rep John Ratcliffe who led in endorsing him for the FBI top post, and the American public as well. He also has the experience and competence to lead such an important agency as the FBI. Gowdy was a former prosecutor and solicitor. He is also remembered and admired for his superb chairmanship of the committee that conducted the probe on the 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

It is the committee that was responsible for uncovering Clinton’s use of a private email server- the issue that hounded Hillary’s campaign until the election, as it affirmed many Americans’ belief that she cannot be trusted.


Even in The Goldwater’s quick survey on the poll question “Who do you think the next FBI Director would be?’ with Gowdy, David Clarke, Andrew McCabe and Chris Christie as choices, a commanding 70 percent of respondents chose Gowdy.


Gowdy was widely reported by media on Friday as one of nearly a dozen candidates included on President Trump’s shortlist to replace Comey.

President Donald Trump also said over the weekend that they can make a “fast decision” about the pick for the new FBI Director. He said that the process is going to go quickly and that almost all those in their shortlist are very well-known. In fact, Trump said it is possible for him to make the announcement of Comey’s replacement before he leaves for an overseas trip this Friday.

The FBI Director post is not really an application process in the strictest sense, as candidates need not apply for the vacancy. It is within the discretion of Trump and his administration to come out with prospective shortlist of competent people to choose from. So maybe Gowdy cannot really “withdraw” from the “running”? After all, it’s all up to Trump to give his nod to the best person for the job, and Gowdy, despite his expressed reluctance may still be the right person for the important position to bring back the people’s trust to the FBI.


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Anonymous No. 2956 2017-05-16 : 16:33

He is definitely the Very Best Person to be the new FBI Director.

Cirno No. 2961 2017-05-16 : 22:53

If Gowdy voluntarily gives up, Trump probably shouldn't appoint him. It would probably cause more trouble than it's worth, even if he'd be good.

Anonymous No. 2972 2017-05-17 : 06:37

Dont give up, theres such a thing as changing ones mind, you know the art of persuasion.

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