Trigger Alert: Trey Gowdy Being Considered for FBI Director

By Major Burdock , The Goldwater · 05-11-2017

The mainstream media is reeling. They are really freaking out. So much so that they may not realize that it's going to get even worse (or better, depending on your perspective).

Who is going to replace Comey? Given Trump's brash manner and don't-give-a-shit attitude towards the liberal media, he may very well do something that will outrage liberals and absolutely delight his core supporters.

Two words: Trey Gowdy. Gowdy, a South Carolina firebrand Republican, has been feared by many a liberal who has been questioned by his committees. A former prosecutor and solicitor, Gowdy is downright vicious when it comes to extracting the truth.

While it seems to be the hope of those in the FBI to have one of their own serve as Director, Trump may very well place the best person in the position. Gowdy's name is being floated. Trump supporters are celebrating the idea and liberals haven't even thought of the possibility.

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Trey gowdy maybe getting comeys job ,he is perfect for it

Whoopee, says this Brit. An honest politician!

Trey Growdy perfect for the job




Give em Hell Trey!!!!

Take the Maker to task Trey!

I do hope he gets the position ,honest man

Trey Gowdy may continue draining the swamp, its time for the corrupt to go to jail.

TREY GOWDY i believe is by far the best man for the job .

I'm candian and can't stop watching him,I think he will be a great head of the FBI and i hope he gets Hilary Clinton.For what she has done

Good choice!

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