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Google And Social Media Companies Could Be Prosecuted For Extremist Videos

The recent attack on the Parliament have triggered a debate on the accessibility of extremist content on the internet.This comes after it was revealed that the Jihadist manuals on how to unleash attacks was available on twitter and google see: Apparently, this was just a tip of the iceberg. There’s loads of extremist content available online. And Internet companies such as Google and Facebook could end up being prosecuted if they do not stop extremist videos from being viewed by people in Britain.

Ministers have stepped up by considering how they are going to launch a new law which will hold Google accountable if it allows extremist content to be disseminated. This is based on the fact that Google owns YouTube. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will also be prosecuted if they facilitate such content.

Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May made it clear that she was not comfortable with the internet companies that are publishing extremist content.May said on Friday that the ball is on their court, as she referred to the internet companies. Google made a public apology over the growing scandal on the extremist content on YouTube which led to several companies pulling their advertisement from the internet giant.

There’s an agreement that exist, requiring Google to take down extremist content within 24 hours after being alerted. However, Ministers in Britain are worried that this still allows the videos to be viewed thousands of times before they are taken down.In a display of complete ignorance of how ISP’s and content providers function, Ministers in the Home Office are now looking at a new law to force the websites to remove content immediately or face court action.

The government Officials are trying to look into how the law can be enforced in the UK given that many films that can be seen in the UK are hosted on foreign websites.The idea is to have Google and the Social media sites take responsibility of the content they host. The only obstacle that the companies are facing is the fact that the companies are global.

Baroness Shields is leading the Home Office’s talks with the internet companies. May’s spokesman pointed out that social media companies can and must do more.The Prime Minister’s spokesman emphasized that the fight against terrorism and hate speech has to be a joint endeavor. At the moment, websites are deemed not to have liability for content as long as they are willing to remove the content as soon as they are notified.

A study conducted in Germany revealed that Google took down 90 percent of extremist sites within 24 hours of being notified. Google has also been accused of making profits from hatred. This is after concerns were raised over advertisement appeared alongside extremist content on YouTube.

Several companies have withdrawn their advertisement from Google. Such include McDonald’s, L’Oreal and the BBC. The latest company to withdraw its advertisement from Google is Marks & Spencer.


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