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How To Use A Car For Mass Murder – The Jihadi Terror Manual

Radicals are urged to use cars before they go on a stabbing rampage. The Jihadi terror manuals have outlined how to use a car as a tool of war for mass murder.

The Jihadi guides have been unrevealed after Khalid Masood killed three in car then stabbed a policeman.

The Jihadists in the West were urged by the manuals to employ the same tactics used by Palestinian terrorists.

The social media sites have been heavily criticized for inciting terrorism. Boris Johnson is one of the leaders that have slammed social media for inciting terror.

A simple search on Twitter and Google would unveil the guides to mounting a car terror attack. The malicious manuals were online amidst the warnings that UK Jihadist use them for training.

The radicals are urged to use large vehicles as tools of war. Google’s, You Tube video platform was found to be making money from conspiracy theories saying that the London outrage was a hoax.

The 52-year-old Khalid Masood was unmasked after unleashing the attack. Masood was known by MI5 and the police. The security services thus faced questions.

The Islamic State claimed that Masood was its soldier. He was shot dead by a ministerial bodyguard, rather than by armed police.

Masood was a violent criminal and a bodybuilder. He raced across Westminster Bridge on Wednesday in hire car. He smashed into pedestrians at a speed of up to 70mph, killing three and injuring 28.

He then went to the Parliament grounds where he hacked a 48-year-old constable, Keith Palmer. Masood was born in Kent. He had converted to Islam and was on the radar of MI5.

The authorities claim that Masood was inspired by international terrorism. Foreign Secretary Mr. Johnson was speaking at a security conference in the US. He called on internet giants to take action. He emphasized that there’s content in the internet that is polluting people.

The Jihadi manual on using car as weapons was published a year ago, before the vehicle attacks in Nice, Berlin and London.

The attacks have claimed 102 people and injured more than 500. The Islamic State also had another Islamic State publication available through Google and Twitter.

The publication detailed instructions on how to cause mayhem.

It was written after the Bastille Day attack in Nice. The Bastille Day attack in Nice was very atrocious, a truck was used to murder 86 people.

The publication said that the Nice attack superbly demonstrated how vehicles can be used for terror, having the effect of smashing their bodies while crushing their heads, torsos and limbs under the vehicle’s wheels leaving behind a trail of carnage.

The guide emphasized that the type of vehicle most appropriate for such an operation is a large load-bearing truck.


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