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Judge Orders 'ALL Paddock Shooting Evidence' Must Be Released

Much to the objection of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, a judge in Las Vegas has ordered police to release all evidence pertaining to the <a href="">Stephen Paddock massing shooting</a> investigation.

So far, <a href="">the only photographic evidence released</a> from the investigation has been a leak which revealed images of Paddock's lifeless and bloody corpse. The images also showed stockpiles of rifles and ammunition as well as spent bullet casings scattered across the room.

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Last week, <a href="">a judge ordered the search warrants</a> used to obtain access to Paddock's personal properties and vehicles to be made public. They contained information never before released to the public including the fact SWAT officers witnessed Paddock shoot himself in the head after they breached his hotel room.

Among the evidence the judge ordered released Wednesday are all 911 calls, body camera videos, and documents pertaining to the investigation in the mass shooting.

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On October 1, 2017, Stephen Paddock opened fire from his hotel room on the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay onto the Country music festival taking place below.

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Paddock used tools to break out the windows overlooking the venue and set up a complex surveillance system that included security cameras in the corridor outside his room and even tapped into the hotel's network.

The shooting lasted for nearly 45 minutes and 49 victims were killed while another 500 were injured. Paddock transported a small armory to his hotel room undetected consisting of dozens of rifles using modified "bump stocks" to simulate automatic fire.

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The investigation into how the largest mass shooting in modern U.S. history took place has been marred with skepticism after authority's timeline of events conflicted with video evidence taken by witnesses.

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Anonymous No. 17945 2018-02-09 : 09:16

Think of all the teams of people required to authenticly doctor that amount of video in such a short time.

Anonymous No. 17959 2018-02-09 : 10:30

Speaking as a now retired I.T. Investigations Consultant that has been around a lot odd things and places.

If I was given 4 months with a Good Audio Visual V/IT team and a few Forensic Disaster scene investigators for ironing out a script and addition review.

I could have video of him imploding the hotel wall over looking the event, operating a SAW (squad automatic weapon) and using shoulder fired missiles on the crowd.

Example of how far CGI has come can be found on Youtube or using Google. Heck before Movies became political and we use to go to movies and ahh! over the Special Effects. So like the very old TV commercial said ….

"It is real or Memorex", .

BTW: With it being night time outside and lighted inside the hotel room makes the CGI even easier.

Their numerous Delays and story adjustments as facts contradicted the official story.

Plus the Fed's being on the scene a lot sooner than originally stated.

Plus ER staff indicating a large number of horizontal bullet path wound and angled path wounds,

Plus crowd members claiming a 2 person VAN driving by with the side door open shooting and more ….

Plus No release of the name for what 36+/- hours, until after all his Social media was locked down and sanitized.

Plus in the last few days they are still adjusting the story….

So to say the least, they have already cast a heavy shadow of doubt on this whole situation.

Anonymous No. 17964 2018-02-09 : 10:44

BUT like Anonymous No. 17945 commented to doctor 100's of victim cell phone videos and vehicle Dashcams that started hitting the news in under 1 hour… would be impossible.

So until the Official "STORY" matches the EYE WITNESS VIDEOS, they are fighting and up hill public opinion battle. Likened to pulling a freight train of double behind them.

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