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Search Warrant Reveals Stephen Paddock Killed Himself In Front Of SWAT Officers

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Ever since October 1, 2017, people have been asking how the Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock died. Around 45 minutes after Paddock first opened fire on the country music festival, SWAT officers breached his hotel room at Mandalay Bay.

Sheriff Joe Lombardo's first statement to the public indicated officers breached the shooter's room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay and found he was dead. Lack of clarity about how the gunman died left room for speculation such as whether he was killed by police or killed himself.

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After a long fight to keep them sealed, the search warrants used to obtain access to Paddock's vehicle and properties were unsealed by a Nevada judge. They contain an officer sworn statement that he witnessed Stephen Paddock put a revolver to his head and pull the trigger.

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This is far different from the statement the officers gave when they were interviewed on 60 minutes. In fact, when asked what the first thing they saw was when the entered the room they say an "armory" and describe "stacks and stacks of ammunition".

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We now know, thanks to the search warrants being unsealed, that isn't the first thing the officers saw. In the search warrant, the officer's sworn statement reads, "As SWAT officers breached room 135, they observed Stephen Paddock place a gun to his head and fire one round."

Obviously, these officers were told not to speak about details pertaining to the investigation and to keep silent about what they witnessed. But there is a nagging feeling of concern over just how different the reports vary that just doesn't feel right.

Another officer describes entering the room saying, "My initial scan coming in the room with my rifle is just seeing one male down bleeding from the face. He was not a threat." Well now we know why officers knew he wasn't a threat without checking him, they had just seen him blow his brains out in front of them.

When asked what Stephen Paddock's wounds were, one officer even says, "I didn't see any apparent wounds to his head but I did see a lot of blood that had come out of his mouth."

In an attempt to stop his fellow officer from having to lie further, another officer steps in and continues for him, "there was a bloody revolver, I think, nearby him on the ground consistent with him shooting himself."

The point isn't to knock on the officers here for not telling the truth, there are oaths and legally binding documents that prevent them from doing things such as speaking about specific details regarding an ongoing investigation.

My point in focusing on their statements and those of the Sheriff and other authorities is what other major details about the shooting has the public not been told? How do those bigger, or smaller, details change the narrative of what happened that day?

There comes a point where people expect the truth, and the truth is what the American public deserves. Having to find the truth buried in search warrant documents is disconcerting in the least and if they had their way we would have never been told.

It was thanks to a Nevada judge who unsealed the search warrants that the documents were released. The fact that the SWAT officers witnessed Paddock shoot himself in the head doesn't really contradict the official narrative because pictures of Paddock's body made it apparent enough that he shot himself.

But remember, even the pictures of Paddock's body were leaked, had those images not gotten out who knows what the official story would have been. Not disclosing what actually happened because its an 'ongoing investigation' leaves the story open to be written anyway they like.

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Anonymous No. 17623 2018-02-06 : 09:52

What are we on now, Timeline/Story Revision 14 or 15?

Anonymous No. 17632 2018-02-06 : 12:04

HUGE news… my question, why isn't this being covered in the major outlets? Oh, right, I just answered my own question.

Anonymous No. 17638 2018-02-06 : 14:27

17623 - tell your friends about The Goldwater and those things will get covered in the future on mainstream as well.

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