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PETA Claims Milking Cows is Equivalent to ‘Rape’

Wew. I'm not sure where to begin here except saying the phrase, “Well there it is, the dumbest shit I've read all day”.

The remarkably infamous animal rights group, PETA, which is the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has a long history of running idiotic campaigns with terrible marketing.

Now the same group that once said “Vegans have better sex”, while simultaneously portraying a woman in a neck brace who looks like she was in a car accident, has taken their campaign to the next level.

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One of the more obscene videos PETA has produced previous to this campaign was "Boyfriend Went Vegan”, which is above from back in 2012.

The video shows a woman who's walking down the street with a neck brace, which resulted from a rough sex with her newly converted vegan boyfriend. The message they tried to portray is that Vegans have better, apparently rougher, sex. Degenerate filth.

What's worse is they apparently made a joke out of sexual or physical abuse committed against a woman, but that's sort of the trend with PETA, not thinking things through to the fullest.

However now they're truly off the deep end, with a new PETA campaign that says dairy cows are raped to produce the milk we drink.

The organization fails at their attempts to equate artificial insemination of farm animals to women being raped and human trafficking sex crimes, seriously, that's what they say in the video.

“When a human is forcibly and involuntarily violated sexually, it’s called ‘rape,'” PETA posted on their website announcement of a propaganda video.

PETA goes on to say, “When animals on factory farms are forcibly and involuntary violated sexually, it’s called “artificial insemination.” Female cows, pigs, and turkeys are routinely raped, their bodies are violated through artificial insemination.”

Not only is it disgusting and perverse to try and equate the crimes of rape against women to farming procedures necessary to provide food to people worldwide, but PETA claims farmers use “rape racks” to artificially inseminate dairy cows to keep them producing milk.

PETA suggests that the term “rape rack” is an industry term. However, if you perform a quick internet search of the term it only brings up animal rights websites using it as propaganda against farmers.

Well, it also brings up BDSM and sexual fetishes, but there's no mention of the farmer except by these left wing nut job activists.

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Joanna Lidback, who is both a dairy farmer and mother from Vermont, recently said that <a href="">National Review</a> there is no such thing as a “rape rack” in the farming industry.

“That’s a term created by vegan/animal activists,” Lidback explained. “Of course there are no rape racks.”

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller also recently agreed saying that there is no such term as “rape racks” in the dairy industry.

“When you artificially inseminate a cow there is very little to no pain,” Miller explained.

Miller went on to explain, “Pregnancy makes the cows five less milk and they stop giving milk altogether when they reach two to three months into their term. It is a common practice to perform the procedure while the cows are eating their feed. Most don’t even stop eating.”

Jodi Venema DeHate, who acts as a technician for the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program, also agreed that farmers use the techniques of artificial insemination to prevent their cows from being injured or damaged from being mounted by 1,500 to 1,800 pound bulls.

“Bulls are very large, close to a ton when fully grown,” she explained. “An average cow is 1,500 to 1,800 pounds, so a bull mounting a cow can cause damage to the cow since he’s so large.”

The origins of the “cattle rape” hypocrisy came back to the surface following a PETA campaign where they used women in bikinis to try and promote various vegan creams and non-dairy treats, <a href="">Daily Mail</a> reported.

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Then again this is the same group who used a staged scene of sadistic homicide once to imply that “Meat is Murder”. As I add these images, I'm eating a delicious t-bone steak by the way.

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Or that time where they attempted to dress as the Ku Klux Klan in order to push their narrative of purebred dogs in the UK for an AKC dog show? Who could forget that preposterous stunt.

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They also once marched naked through the streets of the Asia-Pacific nations on a world tour, suggesting “We'd rather go naked than wear fur”, but truthfully, nobody was complaining about that. Naked chicks are a greenlight for all advertising.

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Please go back to that PETA. We love our milk here. Stop.


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Anonymous No. 6535 2017-08-14 : 04:26

I want to milk her like a cow. Yum yum lady milk

Anonymous No. 6578 2017-08-14 : 18:30

I'd love to see these morons insult their own ancestors, or tell them not to eat meat or drink milk to survive. Have you noticed they only do their fur stunt where it's warm, if they want to show their dedication, drop them off in Alaska in winter with a fur hat, coat, pants and boots and nothing else. As for the Murder Meat stunt, they ought to be glad I wasn't there, I could've shown them how to slaughter, drain, skin, debone, etc.

Lou No. 94825 2019-09-21 : 07:40

Okay but you do realise that most of the people who are eating animals and drinking milk rn do not need to? Its actually really hurting our planet as well as people who are starving because the food they produce is being fed to livestock instead.

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