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Tennessee: WCHS Teacher Accused By Multiple Girls Of Inappropriate Touching

A high school teacher and coach at Tennessee's Warren County High School was accused by four 9th grade girls of inappropriate touching with no consequences. This in addition to "multiple students who have been removed from teams coached," according to a parent of one of the young girls. The parent of one of the victims also had this to say: "The parents protected their children and the school system has had multiple complaints and not one thing has been done."

The high school teacher and coach is on the ballot for Warren County Commissioner as well, but apart from our previous article in which no names were mentioned, there has been absolute radio silence in the local, state and national news media.

The cases were reported in October 2017 and February of this year. The four girls who complained of inappropriate touching and being made to feel uncomfortable were interviewed separately but had similar complaints. What's more, since there was no warning given ahead of time before the investigation, the girls would have had no time to collaborate on a fake story. Also, according to the DA's letter "none of the complaining girls had any serious disciplinary issues or a known motive for making any false allegations."

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The District Attorney involved was from neighboring Coffee County and was called in purportedly due to a "conflict of interest." Craig Northcott, by the way, is the same DA who extended the trial date for a Coffee County coach who is still free three years after being charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse and misconduct with multiple teenage girls. The police report notes that "at different times" the teacher "would place his hands on their thigh, hips or waist" in a way that made them feel uncomfortable. The DA finally ruled that there was nothing illegal in the actions of an authority figure touching girls in the hip and thigh areas near the groin and buttocks in a way that made them feel uncomfortable though he admitted he had no reason not to believe the girls.

We reached out to George Smartt several times going as far as to tag his Facebook wall requesting that he check his messages, but apparently the teacher in question did not at that time have any interest in sharing his side of the story.

We learned more from one of the parents of the victims: "Northcott stated he didn’t investigate and he had no idea where the teacher had placed his hand. And he saw no criminal charges to be made. I’m not a rocket scientist but a young ladies uppermost thigh is the groin area. The hand in question on the thigh was as high as it could be reached and the hand in question was also placed on the inner thigh. Because my 14-year-old was not aware of proper anatomy and how to describe the placement of the hand on her upper thigh and inner."

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From the DA's letter:

"Because the violations do not violate criminal law, there is no reason for further investigation from a criminal standpoint. Thus I will be closing the investigation and will not be pursuing any criminal charges. As to whether George Smartt violated any school policies or whether the school needs to take any actions against him, I have no authority or jurisdiction in that realm and will leave it to the Warren County School Administration to make that decision."

So despite multiple girls reporting and no authorities doubting their stories, the principal contacting the police, there has been absolutely no action. No disciplinary action by the school, no civil or criminal cases lodged and (apart from the previous article in the Goldwater on this subject and this one) a complete media blackout.

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We can only hope that now that this story has been broken, other local, regional and state news outlets may continue to investigate exactly what went wrong here and why nothing has been done about it to this day. Regardless of whether other venues decide to cover the story or not, The Goldwater will continue to be on the case and offer updates as they are available.

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Anonymous No. 24469 2018-04-28 : 16:51

I guess the NEA liberal run school systems are the new pedophile camping ground…… now that the Church has been exposed.

Anonymous No. 24472 2018-04-28 : 17:10

Terrible that this happened, but the bit about the DA is especially disturbing. How is this not a bigger story?

Anonymous No. 24482 2018-04-28 : 20:11

This is all horse shit the girls all lied lol u all can’t go off word of mouth

Johnny Neptune No. 24485 2018-04-28 : 20:33

I certainly understand why Jim is so furious and indignant over this story…

…after all, the teacher was attracted to FEMALES…

Johnny Neptune No. 24495 2018-04-28 : 21:44

I take back what I said…

Patrick Sweeney No. 24499 2018-04-28 : 21:49

Who in the hell is Goldwater? This entire article is what's wrong with the world today. This is a completely fabricated story by a D rated news source. The line regarding, "had no time to collaborate a fake story," is comical. Are you kidding me? They plotted this accusation for weeks prior to the questioning. Ask the student body…they will tell you who is lying. After all, adequate reporting is based off of factual evidence, right? In this case, you slander the name of a man that has zero history of improper actions against him for decades, yet you release his name to the public. So, Phillip….own up to the story and release your last name. If you're gonna write it…stick your chest out and let us know who you are.

Angie No. 24517 2018-04-29 : 04:52

I believe the girls. This wouldn't be the first time Warren county turned a blind eye and defended the man.

Anonymous No. 24520 2018-04-29 : 05:24


Patrick, the DA and the principal and the police investigators all said they believed the girls. Why don't you? I did a search at Facebook and evidently there are other former students of his who got a "funny feeling" about this guy.

You must be friends with the abuser, he doesn't have a history of getting caught, but the next time it happens he still won't have a history of getting caught because the the DA who protects pedo coaches has said there's nothing wrong with touching a 14 year old girls thigh in class. Are you seriously ok with that ruling? Do you think that's appropriate behavior, even more importantly, what do you think of the precedent that is set here. The school, the police and the DA have set a precedent saying that if a teacher touches a girl's thigh and hips and groin area and feels uncomfortable there is nothing illegal that's gone wrong and no need for any censure or action.

I'm a Warren County native and this severely pisses me off.

Anonymous No. 24528 2018-04-29 : 05:59

Patrick thinks this article is what's wrong with the world. The principal, the police and the DA all said they have no reason not to believe the girls, the teacher didn't deny it, but sharing the story is what's wrong with the world? Lol, you need to get your priorities in order buddy.

Anonymous No. 24569 2018-04-29 : 15:23

Warren co is a joke. They need to be blasted for everything they do anymore. They get bullied hit on apparently touched in places they don’t wanna be touched an nothing is happening. Why is it the child is always lying ? Give me a damn break not all these kids are lying. My child was bullied all the way out of school she no longer can complete her 8th grade year bc of being bullied by a teacher at dibrell elementary but nothing has happened to that teacher. It’s always the children that get punished when is something gonna happen to these teachers I’m so sick of This !!!!!!’

Anonymous No. 24591 2018-04-29 : 18:30

corrupt McMinnville , Tn. city politics, he is a a commissioner, so it is swept under the rug, just like the illegal gambling with the attorneys and judges that goes on there.

Anonymous No. 24613 2018-04-30 : 01:25

But guess what people…if you make a complaint against any school personel you are not allowed to know what IF ANYTHING AT ALL was done. "Well how will i know what action was taken?" You won't !!! My child was threatened by a coach and heard by ANOTHER COACH. Both the coach and myself filed complaints and were told WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW WHAT ACTION IF ANY WOULD BE TAKEN. Even IF the principal "felt the need to invistigate".

Anonymous No. 24621 2018-04-30 : 03:30

I think whoever wrote this article needs a definite fact check and a hard hit to the head. Knowing more about this situation than 95% of people, it is sickening to see what people around here will do with their time just because they have no life. I suggest the author as well as the commenters do a little more "research" on the background of these students, as well as the coach. I'm no fan of warren county but I'm also not a fan of ignorance. (side note- this story is about 3 months old. Philip- you may want to learn how to get stories when they reach the surface :) )

Phil No. 24622 2018-04-30 : 03:54


The story needed to be told. As for the background of the students, I read the DA's letter and the police investigative report (most of that info is embedded in the article, you can read for yourself). The teacher didn't deny the charges and the principal, police and DA believe the girls BUT feel nothing "illegal" happened. Another report noted that the girls had no reason to have come up with this story. I'm going by the official documents and a parent of one of the children. I reached out to Mr. Smartt for comment, even tagged his wall asking him to check my messages from him at Facebook. I'd love to get his side of the story. You can tell him to contact me at [email protected] but considering I already have done that multiple times and it came to nothing I doubt it will change anything.

As for the story being 3 months old, I think that a teacher inappropriately touching multiple girls is news even if it did happen between October and February. The administration, the police and the DA's office have effectively said that they believe the girls but nothing wrong was done. They told him "don't do that anymore." No action taken at all. He didn't deny the charges, mind you. So this means WCHS has set a precedent that teachers who touch girls' thighs and hips will receive less than a slap on the wrist. "Don't do that anymore now, here."

Is that a safe precedent set? I'm seeing other comments where evidently, complaints against teachers result in nothing. Something should be done about that. Sorry you don't feel the same about protecting our schoolchildren.

Fred G No. 24661 2018-04-30 : 15:17

Talk about perverts - you have a sitting 3rd district Warren County Commissioner named Shane Wilcher that was convicted of illegal photography!! I can only imagine what that's all about…

Anonymous No. 24662 2018-04-30 : 15:30

Why don't you ask him? Unlike George Smartt, I bet he'd be willing to go on the record.

Anonymous No. 24663 2018-04-30 : 15:39

Facts are facts and Wilcher has been convicted of illegal photograqphy

Anonymous No. 24664 2018-04-30 : 15:43

Truth hurts

Anonymous No. 24666 2018-04-30 : 16:06

To number 24664

Oh right, where he tries to record minutes of meetings and get the record at courts and things. Haha, you made it sound all sinister there. I knew you had nothing lol.

"Illegal photography" brrrr… btw, there is no charge in the TCA called "illegal photographing" this is just more good ol' boy nonsense they threw at him because he was shaking the system up. Did you know minutes hadn't been recorded by the county commission in Warren County SINCE THE 1970s!!!! And yes, they didn't like him recording. He is the one who advocated to let people show up at the meetings AND SPEAK. Warren county has a funny way of doing things, some might say crooked. They would hold a meeting earlier than they were supposed to and then when poeple show up the meeting had already voted so they couldn't see. Not to mention getting together over barbecues to decide whose buddy got the next juicy biusiness contract. that's ILLeGAL! You probably didn't know that though, either that or you're ON the county commission and trying to get rid of one of the FEW honest men that works in Government in Warren county.

Anonymous No. 24667 2018-04-30 : 16:08

So one man accused of "illegal photographing" of court procedures. Another man who felt up a 14 year old. Which one was the bad guy, oh, the one who wants minutes of meetings recorded. Hahaha, you need to get your priorites in order.

Anonymous No. 24668 2018-04-30 : 16:42

Read a little closer - this occured in DeKalb County on 11-28-2011 - Wilcher wasn't even on the WARREN County Commission - and this involved filming sexual activities…

Anonymous No. 24701 2018-05-01 : 08:48

So you're alleging that the commissioner is a voyeur who filmed some people having sex without their knowing? I find that a little hard to believe.

Here's an example of one FB comment I saw about this whole thing:

I became aware of what I felt were creepy and inappropriate comments made by the accused to one of his student athletes several months before these accusations came about. The student/athlete herself told me he made weird compliments to her that “creeped” her out! I only recently heard that accusations had been made against the teacher/coach and he had been removed from his coaching position. I was surprised to see this article posted by a high school student on FB and felt compelled to share it since she felt that it was important enough to put it out there.

Anonymous No. 25008 2018-05-04 : 04:28

I have the entire file and everything will come out at the proper time. I hope that Michael Shane Wilcher has NOT had access to your child's bathroom - or your bedroom - Wilcher is a pervert and I've heard that he keeps a secret laptop - Hope that you and your daughter haven't been "illegally" photographed

Anonymous No. 25019 2018-05-04 : 09:44

To the commenter above me, you're lucky you are anonymous here. Otherwise, that would constitute libel as you are implying that this man is a voyeur who takes photos in children's bathrooms and of people when they're having sex in their bedroom.

"The proper time" so you're saying you have nothing. This event took place years ago and nothing has happened yet. So around 6 teenage girls that I know of have complained that George Smartt touched and/or spoke to them inappropriately in a way that made them feel dirty, but since you're upset your good ol' buddy boy is a pedo you're going to try to attack an innocent man.

If you feel froggy then leap why don't ya.

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