By: Savannah Smith | 04-18-2018 | News
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Feds Expose Syndicate That Smuggled Illegal Immigrants from Syria to U.S.

The Treasury Department exposed the illegal activities of a Syrian man and his criminal syndicate as they slapped sanctions on him on Wednesday for smuggling possibly hundreds of illegal immigrants from Syria and Lebanon and then assisting them to violate laws and jump over the border into U.S. territory.

Feds identified the Syrian as Nasif Barakat, and his syndicate named as the Barakat Transnational Criminal Organization. The authorities said Barakat and his cohorts charged about $20,000 to complete the smuggling. Part of the money took care of the bribes and paid for fake documents, including false European passports, to help illegal immigrants hide their identities. The fees also took care of transportation from Syria through other Middle Eastern countries to South and Central America, then traveling north through Mexico before illegally crossing into the U.S.

The case was relentlessly pursued by the Treasury Department, Homeland Security, and the Justice Department. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the crackdown is part of the Executive Order President Trump gave him to dismantle transnational criminal organizations since the day he was sworn in.

Sessions added: “Many of these organizations use human smugglers to bring people across our borders with little regard to their safety or our national sovereignty.”

Part of the sanctions will result in the freezing of the syndicate’s assets, which eventually would undermine the smuggling operation.

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Anonymous No. 23459 2018-04-19 : 01:11

Dearborn syndicate needs to be popped too, it’s outta control

Anonymous No. 23468 2018-04-19 : 03:16

Go Sessions do your job!

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