By: Lawrence Synder | 01-09-2017 | News
Photo credit: Sigfrid Lundberg

Filmmaker Investigating Sweden’s Rape Cases Beaten by Arabic Migrants

Ami Horowitz, a journalist and producers from the U.S. was recently beaten by migrants speaking Arabic while making a documentary about the alarming in rape cases in Sweden. According to Horowitz, he thought the migrants were going to kill him after he was dragged off inside a building.

Horowitz, who starred in the 2012 documentary film “U.N. Me,” a film that criticizes the United Nations, recently traveled to Sweden after the country was named as the rape capital of Europe. This unfortunate and alarming title due to the sudden rise in rape cases that occurred after the country opened its borders to refugees and migrants from the Middle East and North Africa.

As indicated in the report by Gatestone Institute, before Sweden decided to become a multicultural country to become a refugee and migrant haven in 1975, about 420 rape cases were reported during the same year.

However, in 2014, following the immigration and refugee crises, this number rose to 6,620, which represents a 1,472 percent increase. Studies conducted during the previous years revealed that in most cases, the rapists or perpetrators are refugees from different countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.

This prompted Horowitz to travel to Sweden to make a documentary titled “Stockholm Syndrome.” However, as he was making his film, visited a “no-go” region in Stockholm and was confronted by five Arabic migrants.

According to Horowitz, the men did not want to be filmed. Even though Horowitz’s camera was turned off, the men still responded aggressively. In an audio recording of the incident, which was included in the documentary, Horowitz can be heard struggling as the Arabic migrants grabbing him and his gear.

According to the filmmaker, the men dragged him into a building where he was choked, punched and kicked. He initially thought that the suspects were going to kill him. Luckily, the attackers ran off after hearing someone open the apartment door directly above them.

Fortunately for Horowitz, he did not suffer serious injuries from the beating and was still able to return to the U.S. safely. Hopefully, his film will help spread awareness about the rising rape cases in Sweden and prompt international bodies and government officials to do something about this problem.

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