By: Lawrence Synder | 01-09-2017 | News
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Will New Yorkers Accept Hillary Clinton as Their New Mayor?

After losing the election to Donald Trump and getting linked to various controversies and scandals, it seems Hillary Clinton is not yet done pushing a career in politics. According to the latest reports, she might go up against New York Mayor Bill de Blasio this year.

Talks about Clinton running for mayor in one of the country’s city’s emerged recently after it was reported that Democrats in New York are not happy with de Blasio’s work. Since many of them still view Clinton as the leader of the Democratic Party, they are reportedly pushing her to challenge the current mayor’s re-election.

Fortunately, these reports about Clinton running for local office are just based on rumors.

“I’m a Brooklyn kid, and my comment is, ‘fuhgeddeaboudit,’” political analyst Douglas Muzzio of the Baruch College told Reuters. “There is zero chance that’s going to happen.”

Being a former secretary of state and presidential candidate, running for mayor would be a huge step down for Clinton’s career.

But more importantly, the public has already seen how Clinton handles politics. As displayed during her years in power and most recently during the presidential campaign, Clinton is an incompetent leader who tends to use her own position for her own interest.

There’s also a huge trust issue surrounding Clinton. As indicated in the various controversies that she’s involved in, Clinton should not be allowed to handle high political positions. For example, through the WikiLeaks revelations, the public saw how Clinton and her camp carelessly handled the U.S.’ classified documents by storing them in a private email server.

Given these issues, the Democratic Party will probably not support Clinton if she decides to run for office again. The political group has already seen how she wasted the opportunity to become the country’s next leader.

In addition, after losing the election, her financial backers will probably think twice before supporting her again.

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