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Scientology Disconnect: No Suri Pics for Tom Cruise

Sadly, it appears Tom Cruise is being faced with the dreaded and family destroying Scientology "disconnect." Since leaving Katie Holmes, he has seen Suri, his daughter less and less. For a short time, it actually looked like he might choose Suri over the controlling cult, but as of now a friend of Cruise's has requested that no more pictures of Suri be posted to his public Facebook group, "Tom Cruise Media."

<a href="">According to <i>US weekly</i></a>, Tom Cruise reportedly hasn't seen Suri in years. Just earlier this week <a href="">it was reported</a> that Suri was supposedly seeking a relationship with her estranged father.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">.<a href="">@askjillian</a>, this one is going to have you seeing red: Tom Cruise doesn&#39;t want to see Suri online… <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Tony Ortega (@TonyOrtega94) <a href="">October 19, 2017</a></blockquote>

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Even more recently, however, it seems that a childhood friend of Tom Cruise, Maryann, in Kentucky has announced to members of the public group Tom Cruise Media on Facebook for users to please post no more photos of Suri since she was "no longer a part of his life." Another user asked if this meant that photos of Tom with Suri from years back would be prohibited, the group's admin explained they would be prohibited as well. And at Tom's request…

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<a href="">According to Scientology researcher Tony Ortega</a>, who reached out to Maryann through email and then through the phone, Maryann has known Tom since he she was 21. At the time, the now world-famous star was only 16 and under the name Tom Mapother. Photos of Maryann with Tom had surfaced recently apparently corroborating their connection.

Maryann evidently has a connection to some of Tom's Kentucky kin including a cousin who was the one asking, on behalf of Tom, that no more Suri pictures be posted.

“I do know in he said he couldn’t stop it, but he would prefer that nothing of Suri be in his group,” she told Ortega.

According to the conversation between MaryAnn and Ortega, it appears as if Tom was pressured by Scientology to participate in this grueling "disconnect."

<blockquote>When we told her we were surprised that a star as huge as Tom Cruise would care what was said about him or shown in a Facebook group with only 3,300 members, Maryann said that Tom is “supposedly” concerned about what Suri is seeing about herself online now that she’s old enough, at 11, to look for herself.

When we told Maryann that this explanation didn’t make a lot of sense to us, she agreed with us. “It’s Scientology,” she says.</blockquote>

Maryann admitted that Cruise's reputation had suffered recently due to the church and found it "disturbing" that he would be willing to separate from his own daughter over it.

MaryAnn pines for her once close relationship with Tom and their long conversations.

<quote>“If I could have an hour with him, I really think I could get through to him. TC has some big issues in his life."</quote>

It's quite possible that Suri would be labeled off-limits due to her being in the care of Katie Holmes who is quite likely labeled an "SP," or "suppressive person" to the Church of Scientology.

It's heartbreaking to think that this group, considered a mind control cult by many thousands of ex-members and other vocal detractors, could keep a father from his own daughter.

In the words of TC's childhood friend Maryann in Kentucky, “Tom needs his ass whipped."

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Anonymous No. 9980 2017-10-19 : 23:36

That's what one gets for joining a cult. He's been involved long enough that they have piles of video of him "confessing" to all the nasty shit he's done and he's at the point of "obey or be ruined forever".

The real person loosing out is Suri.

Anonymous No. 9986 2017-10-20 : 03:02

Shes far from losing out. He is trash to dump his child. Thank God she has Katies parents and Jamir Fox. He can show Suri what a real man is likr. He will show her what a fathet is supposed to be. Enjoy xenu Tommy boy

Anonymous No. 9993 2017-10-20 : 04:31

Horrible that they have their claws in him so deep he's willing to "disconnect" from his own flesh and blood. Scientology has been imploding for years. Won't be pretty in the last days I'll bet. I just hope they don't have a Jonestown event in Clearwater.

Anonymous No. 10000 2017-10-20 : 05:43

What if he was a pedo and Scientology was protecting his daughter before she hit 11 and trying to reprogram him to cleanse his hebephile thetans before its too late? Could such a thing even happen?

Yes, it can.

meriti5x No. 10004 2017-10-20 : 06:27

All I can say, if Maryann was a friend of Tom she won't be now for speaking to a SP. But the truth has to be made known this made is no father he is just the sperm donor.

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