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#Breaking: Maryland Shooter who Shot 6 Now in Custody after Multi-State Manhunt

Law enforcement agencies have been scouring all day and night to locate the man they say shot six people, killing three of them, during two separate shooting events in Maryland.

The entire Mid-Atlantic region was in high alert after 37-year-old Radee Prince, of Elkton, Maryland shot five of his fellow coworkers Wednesday at his place of employment, a small granite company.

Police say that after Prince shot the initial group of people he then fled the scene driving into Wilmington, Delaware where he shot another acquaintance of his in the head at a used car lot.

Federal Agents in cooperation with Delaware Police then had Prince cornered into a specific area inside of a Glasgow neighborhood where a civilian noticed the wanted SUV abandoned at a nearby high school and called police.

Wilmington Police Chief Robert Tracy said that his officers then gave a foot chase to apprehend Prince, where he tossed out his handgun and then ran about 75 feet from the firearm before an officer tackled him.

"I even get chills talking about it because I know what it's like when we do hunt individuals that are desperate," Tracy said.

Chief Tracy said that each of the victims were personally targeted by Prince who intended to cause them as much harm as possible in an effort to end their lives in cold blood.

The three fatalities all occurred earlier in the day at Advanced Granite Solutions inside of Edgewood, Maryland where two of the five total shot during that incident are expected to survive albeit they remain in serious condition as of this time.

The Harford County Sheriff's Office has now identified the deceased victims as being 53 year old Bayarsaikhan Tudev, of Virginia; 34 year old Jose Hidalgo Romero, of Aberdeen, Maryland; and 48 year old Enis Mrvoljak, of Dundalk, Maryland.

The two who are in serious condition are currently at a Baltimore Trauma Center and have not had their identities released.

Around two hours after Prince began his rampage he drove into Wilmington, Delaware where he shot a man he's known his entire life in the head who somehow was able to survive and contacted emergency 911 to report Prince as the gunman.

Chief Tracy said that the victim claimed that the pair had “beefs” in the past suggesting there was personal conflict or vendetta involved in that shooting.

Interstate 95 from Maryland all the way into Philadelphia was flooded with law enforcement officers searching for Prince over the period of several hours with police positioned at every median and exit along the interstate from Edgewood and Wilmington in hopes of encountering their suspect before he inflicted more harm.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said he ordered helicopters to search both the highway and surrounding communities as well.

Sheriff's Departments and Federal Agents put out a region wide bulletin flashing images and the license plate number of the 2008 GMC Acadia that Prince was driving to all drivers across multiple states in an effort to locate Prince; but in the end it was his dedication to hunting down the victim in Delaware that brought him to his inevitable capture.

Prince reportedly is a lifelong criminal, having felony convictions in Delaware with over 42 arrests for crimes including workplace violence, traffic violations, several gun charges, assault, and having been on probation for a similar number of those crimes.

His former employer, JPS Marble and Granite, said that Prince had threatened to kill management at the location after they terminated and they were in such fear for their lives they had to seek out a restraining order because Prince was such a vindictive creature.

One of his former bosses, Philip Siason told the court during the restraining order hearing the following:

<blockquote>”He came to see me, cursed and yelled at me about unemployment benefits. I felt very threatened because he is a big guy and very aggressive on me. I didn't want to wait until Prince became physically violent, since he had a prior gun charge, for him to do something.”</blockquote>

After that hearing a Harford County District Court judge denied the order, saying the case didn't meet the required burden of proof; if which it goes to show how wrong Judges can often be.

Prince was currently employed as a machine operator at Advanced Granite Solutions, a company which designs and installs granite countertops for the past four months according to the owner Barak Caba.

Caba claimed that Prince and the five people shot were all employees, but declined to offer any specifics as to what the relationships or circumstances may have been surrounding the shooting.

Law enforcement are also silent as to a motive, but Prince is now in custody and will face a multitude of charges including three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder as well as the long list of weapons charges and leading police into multiple states for over ten hours attempting to apprehend him.


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Anonymous No. 9953 2017-10-19 : 11:08

Before the Liberal run to blame the gun and demand more Gun Control Laws, look at his Felony Record. Like In March 2015, he was charged by the Cecil County Sheriff’s Office with having a handgun in a vehicle, illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammo, all misdemeanors, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, which is itself a felony. Prince has been convicted of 15 Counts of Burglary in Delaware and yes he has served Felony Prison Time. So while Gun Control laws impact honest citizens in their ability to defend themselves. Criminals have little problem obtaining weapons for robberies and murder.

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