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Bankrupt Jefferson Davis School in Jackson, Mississippi Will Be Renamed After Barack Obama

The Jefferson Davis Magnet School located in Jackson, Mississippi has decided to remove the name Jefferson Davis from the title, outraging locals who feel that history is being rewritten once again.

The shocker however, is that the school’s new moniker will be titled as Barack Obama Magnet School.

That's right folks; they're not only rewriting history but they're replacing a historical figure with the worst President in American history, whose Communist policies have crippled the United States in ways never before thought possible.

The Demographics of the Jefferson Davis Magnet School are quite segregated, with a whopping 98% of the students being African-American.

Whilst the school remains predominantly black, the Jackson Public School District in itself reflects those statistics being also 97% black; however this measure was decided upon without a vote of interest from the public.

Interestingly enough Mississippi is on track to becoming the first African American majority state in the entire United States of America, very soon.

Janelle Jefferson, President of the Davis Magnet International Baccalaureate School PTA, announced at the Jackson School Board meeting which occurred Tuesday evening that school stakeholders voted on October the 5th to rename the school for former President Obama.

Ironically enough the Jackson School District is bankrupt due to the failed policies of Barack Obama, and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant announced a State of Emergency for the district just this past September.

What better way to honor a man who helped destroy and decay your already broken society than name a School after him?

It's that type of mentality that put Jackson in the current environment it sits, beneath the swamp being pulled downward by quicksand gasping for air.

It was actually a direct result of the State of Emergency that out the board of directors on notice that they would no longer have the funds in the Jackson School District to hold any additional public meetings for the current year.

What was their response to being so broke they can't even hold public meetings?

Was it to hold an emergency meeting to seek state funding? Was it to hold an emergency meeting to invite in private donors? Was it an emergency meeting to ask for Federal Aid?

The answer to all of these questions are simply <i>”No”</i>.

The Jackson School District took its last possible change to organize a recovery effort during a meeting and instead decided to rename a historic school; after the very person who put them into the red.

Again even more preposterous, the School District doesn't even have the cash in hand to change the name.

They must now seek some form of corporate sponsorship or outside donations to even file the paperwork.

Yes, <i>they're that broke</i>, and wasted an opportunity to think of the children to worry about optics

Genius move Jackson; just amazing.


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