By: Savannah Smith | 10-19-2017 | News
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Doctor Threatens Hospital Staff With Toy Gun For “Lack of Patients”

A doctor lost his cool and went out of control, doing the unthinkable, if not odd. He threatened his co-workers with a toy gun.

A doctor assigned at Yadika Hospital in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta in Indonesia, identified only by the police with the initials ALT, was said to be frustrated about the lack of patients and put the blame for such on hapless hospital administration administrative staff.

Authorities said the doctor may be feeling anxious about the lack of patients and the impact it has on his income. He also suspected that his patients were being directed to go to other doctors instead. Duren Sawit Police Chief Nevo Suharjendo said: “That had an effect on the doctor’s income, so he was angry and threatened the patient registration staff.”

The doctor did not harm any of the hospital staff physically as he “only” threatened with a toy gun. Still, he runs the risk of being charged with a violation of Article 355 of the criminal code (KUHP), which prohibits “unpleasant acts.”

The police have not arrested and detained ALT, but said they will still schedule him for questioning.

The police said: “We will summon him, clarify the story first. Get the doctor’s details (on the story). He’s been a specialist (at the hospital) for a long time, but I don’t know why he would react like that (threatening the hospital staff).

It is not clear if such an antic was merely out of frustrations for his declining income, or could be reflective of more serious matters like anger management, or even mental issues.

It is also not clear how the staff feel about the incident, and if they would still be comfortable to still work with or for the doctor.

There are no reports yet from authorities if they have checked if the doctors owns a real gun, and if he carries it to his work place, and if such will have implications given the unpleasant incident with the toy gun.


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