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Naked Pervert Tries to Kidnap Teen Outside Philly School, Tells Her “I’m A Pedophile”

Naked Pervert Tries to Kidnap Teen Outside Philly School, Tells Her “I’m A Pedophile”

Law enforcement in Philadelphia say that a deranged child sexual predator attempted to abduct a child but fortunately good samaritans heard the call of duty and acted quickly to stop the madness.

A female teenage student began screaming when a completely naked man, who seemingly was intent on committing to a kidnapping, grabbed her near the Science Leadership Academy at Beeber.

The demented and nude individual grabbed the teen and tried to knock her unconscious so he could kidnap her which led to the young child screaming for help.

The Philadelphia Police said that two patriots overheard the girl's cries for help and then tackled the sick son of a bitch on the 5900 block of Malvern Avenue, holding him in restraints until law enforcement arrived to the scene.

Donta Fennel, one of the brave men who stopped the pervert, told local news <a href="">NBC 10 </a>that he was on a city bus heading home from his job when several kids that were on board noticed the pedophile grabbing the girl out the windows.

"They were saying, 'Stop that guy! Stop that guy!' So I told the bus driver to let me off the bus," Fennell said.

Fennell said that's when he and another man tackled the suspect and detained him.

"He was nude! He was butt naked! Stuff everywhere," Fennell said. "He just looked like he was on something. Some kind of drug or medication. He needs help. I don't know. But he was around here messing with these kids."

The second man who helped Fennell take down the pervert happened to be a security guard, and had handcuffs on him at the time.

The pair held down the would be sexual predator placing him in cuffs when Fennell says he began screaming absurdities.

“ He screamed out, <i>’I'm a Pedophile!’</i>, <i>‘I'm a rapist!’</i>, <i>’I don't care about life!’</i>, <i>’I don't care about anything!’</i> <i>’Kill Me!’</i>, <i>’I don't care about nothing!’</i>” Fennell claims the man yelled.

Shortly thereafter law enforcement arrived to the scene and took over; ensuring the child was okay.

The suspect has yet to be named, until he's arraigned in court but he's reported to be in his 30s and the child was only 14 years of age.


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Thanks for keeping it real on this subject. I'm sharing your stuff.

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