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Jeff Sessions SLAMS Chicago Violence, Sanctuary Cities, and Muh Russia Lies on Capitol Hill

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a fire inside of him and the Justice Department which is burning to restore law and order to America.

He underscored those intentions and outlined the problems facing America in our inner cities during a Senate Judiciary Committee Oversight hearing on Wednesday where he clashed with Illinois Senator Dick Durbin over the incompetence and failures of the state of Illinois to recognize or do anything at all to curb the problems.

Chicago had a whopping 762 homicides in 2016, but number alone doesn't tell the entire story of Chicago's bloodshed. There's another statistic that points to a disturbing trend the city is facing: a surge.

There was more than a 50% increase in murders in just one year. Chicago hit 500 homicides before the end of the summer in 2016. In 2015, the city had less than 500 homicides total.

The failures of the leadership in Illinois and under the Obama Administration to do anything about this is a serious problem.

Sessions also acknowledged the egregious activities of Chicago which continue to defy Federal Law in setting forth a dangerous <i>Sanctuary City</i> policy that puts the lives of both residents and law enforcement in danger.

Senator Durbin attempted to disingenuously cast some sort of blame on the Trump Administration and the DOJ under Sessions by saying, "You want to cut off federal funds and criticize the murder rate."

That infuriated Sessions not only because it's an outright lie but it's a failure on the part of the Illinois elected officials to accept responsibility for the crime and murder rates in Chicago which are higher than anywhere else in America.

"I am worried about the health and morale of the Chicago police department," Sessions responded.

Jeff Sessions added, "We would like to see that improved. I think the politicians cannot say that if you remove a violent criminal from America that's illegally in the country and is arrested by the Chicago police and put in the Chicago jail that once they are released they shouldn't be turned over to ICE officers to be removed from the country."

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Durbin attempted to push his marxist narrative by mentioning the shooting attack earlier this month in Las Vegas which killed 59 people, but then noted, "So far this year 3,000 people have been injured by gunshot in the city of Chicago."

"If I've said it before and I'll say it again," Durbin continued, " the undocumented immigrants are not driving violence in Chicago. That's why I want our officers focused on community policing and not trying to be immigration police."

First and foremost those aren't immigrants, Senator Durbin. They're Federal Criminals, and Illegal Aliens.

They became Federal Criminals the moment they stepped into the United States of America illegally and they'll remain Federal Fugitives until ICE sends them back to the hellhole they belong in.

They don't belong here, Mr. Durbin and quite frankly if you and your state continues to defy Federal Laws you belong in prison for treason.

Then came the marxist libtard and inefficient crook Senator Al Franken, who wanted to push his <i>”muh Russia”</i> nonsense in October of 2017, still not willing to accept that the American people are fed up with the Democratic Party and it's failure to lead or accomplish anything at all.

“The goal post has been moved. First it was ‘I did not have communications with Russians’, which was not true. Then it was ‘I never met with Russians to discuss any political campaign’, which may or may not be true. Now it is ‘I did not discuss interference in the campaign’ which further narrows your initial blanket denial about meeting with the Russians,” Franken said.

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That's when Jeff Sessions fired back, “Without hesitation, I conducted no improper discussions with Russians at any time regarding a campaign or any other item facing this country.”

“Mr. Chairman, I do not have to sit in here and listen to his charges without having a chance to respond. Give me a break,” Sessions said, slamming Franken’s “lead in” to his questioning was “very, very troubling,” and that he needed more time to respond to such an outright attempt to slander the Attorney General with zero respect.

Jeff Sessions has class however, and responded that, “I have committed myself to a high level of public service to reach the highest level of ethics and decency in my service,” Sessions said. “You have now gone through this long talk that I believe is totally unfair to me.”

This entire situation on Capitol Hill is nothing more than Communist Democrats perpetuating cultural marxist ideals and pandering repeated lies in order to subvert the Trump Administration and the Federal Laws which exist to protect America.

It's a complete travesty that these Democrats are allowed to continue their nonsense.

Here's the full stream of the Senate Judiciary Committee Oversight Hearing:

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Anonymous No. 9982 2017-10-20 : 00:33

Haha, I watched it, it was pretty good. DID YOU SEE WHERE A QUICK CUT HAPPENED WHEN SESHWAS TALKING THOUGH? I saw it it was obvious, thank GOD for youtube chat cuz others said wtf, did you see that as well so I knew I wasn't just being gaslit.

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