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Paramedic Describes Saving Newborn Left On Steps By 13-Year-Old

Kendall Washington said he witnessed something he has never seen in 25 years of service, a new born baby left on a doorstep all alone. The 25 year veteran paramedic for Baton Rouge EMS said, "It was alarming."

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It all started on Sunday morning when Baker Police Department said a 13-year-old gave birth and dropped the baby in front of her neighbors house. The police also say the teen did not even know she was pregnant until she gave birth around 5 in the morning. She tried to frantically hide the pregnancy wiping up blood and then dropping the child off to a woman she knew worked as a teacher nearby.

Authorities have not released the identity of the girl but did say she did her best to clean it up before dropping it on the neighbor's doorstep. The paramedic who arrived at the scene did his best to save the child's life, "It was alarming, because I have kids of my own." Washington went on to say, "And my real concern was what kind of condition is he gonna be in."

"I hope he gets an opportunity to do great things, even though his life didn't start out the best." Washington seemed genuinely upset about finding the newborn child alone. Although child privacy laws make it difficult for officials to confirm who has custody of the child, they did reveal after some investigating the father is also a 13-year-old.

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