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New York Rabbi Sentenced to Prison for Stealing $5 Million from Disabled Children

Oy Vey! It's like anuddah shoah!

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown alongside the New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli announced that they've not only reached a conviction in the case of a shekel stealing Rabbi but that he's being sentenced from one to three years in prison for his heinous thefts.

“Stealing from the public is bad enough, but exploiting small children to pay your plumber and support your for-profit camps, is reprehensible,” DiNapoli said after Hiller’s guilty plea.

As the Assistant Director to the Island Child Development Center, Rabbi Samuel Hiller was supposed to provide Orthodox Jewish services to communities in and around the Queens, Far Rockaway, Borough Park, and Williamsburg, New York areas.

However; Prosecutors as well as Federal and State Investigators claimed that Rabbi Hiller with the cooperation of three co-defendants were instead siphoning over $5 million in funds which were intended to be used to assist disabled young children from various community preschool programs.

The court heard that the foursome lead by the Rabbi used that money for personal expenses such as a family wedding, renovations to their homes, bought jewelry, and spend the rest on their businesses and day to day lives.

Each of the men plead guilty to the first-degree charges which authorities say occurred between the years 2005 and 2012; with a promise of no more than three years in prison and to be ordered to pay restitution to the disabled victims in which they stole from.

They'll now be responsible for paying back over a million dollars each by the day of the beginning of the sentence and forfeit an additional million dollars worth of merchandise and property.

Included in those restitution orders will be another three million after Rabbi Hiller is released from prison in the future.

A Queens Supreme Court Justice Joseph Zayas sentenced the 59 year old disgraced Rabbi Hiller to one to three years in state prison on Monday, where it's likely he can be released for good behavior if he meets the stipulations as a model prisoner.


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Anonymous No. 9862 2017-10-18 : 07:08


No seriously though, guys like This Rabbi and his band of Jewish Criminals make the rest of us (good Jews who love America) look bad.

I know Red Pill from Twitter, she's a funny girl with a sense of humor. She is always fair and doesn't discriminate (she calls out the criminals of every color)

Thanks for reporting this Red Pill

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