By: Kyle James | 10-18-2017 | News
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Billionaire George Soros Funnels $18 billion Into Open Society Foundations

The billionaire George Soros surprised the world over the last few years by pumping nearly $18 billion into the Open Society Foundations. The foundations essentially allow Soros to fund whichever political proposition he needs without being tied directly to the foundations motives.

The 87-year-old has amassed a net worth of $23 billion dollars, $18 billion of which has been funneled into Open Society Foundations. Soros himself lived through the Nazi occupation of his native country Hungary but later fled communist rule to the United States. The Open Society Foundation doesn't only fund political agendas, the foundation has also helped countries with issues such as refugee relief and public health efforts. The foundation has also funded Planned Parenthood and the Black Lives Matter movement. On the political end, the foundation spent $1.4 million to help pass California’s Proposition 47 which drug possession and minor theft charges to misdemeanors.

There are also those who claim they have been paid by Soros who promoted hiring 'protesters' to show up to disrupt scheduled events with signs and chants. Some even claim their travel expenses were covered and they were paid $3000 for picketing and holding signs furthering his latest agenda.

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fuck soros

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