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Hong Kong University Proves Scalp Acupuncture Dramatically Reduces Autism Symptoms

A ground-breaking study in scalp acupuncture reveals a 97% success rate in helping autistic children improve their speech and other symptoms. Hong Kong university has found that using the procedure may be one of the most effective treatments for autism.

The university conducted the study at Baptist University in Kowloon Tong where a total of 68 autistic children from ages 2 to 10 were tested. They all received the scalp acupuncture treatment which effectively alleviated problems such as impaired social interaction and even delayed verbal communication, or stuttering.

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The treatment also showed behavioral problems were reduced as well as sensitivity to noise. Some children were even less picky towards food. The University’s school of Chinese medicine was responsible for the study and Ann Yau Chuen-heung is a lecturer from the school who says, "Autism is related to a disorder with brain function … scalp acupuncture could strengthen the links between nerve cells and improve their functions."

Although Yau did say the symptoms of autism could be made less severe with the scalp acupuncture treatment, she also stressed it is not a complete cure.

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