By: Kyle James | 10-18-2017 | News
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Dead Bodies Now Liquefied Legally In California

A series of last minute laws were signed into effect late Sunday night, among them was a little innocuously named bill called AB 967. The creepy bill makes it legal for Californians to liquefy their corpses after they die using a special caustic juice. The creators of the process dubbed it "water cremation" but the process is also known as aquamation, resomation, bio-cremation, or flameless cremation.

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The company behind the service is called Qico, Inc. and they sponsored the bill. Qico, Inc. specializes in what they call "sustainable cremation" and thinks it will take the place of cremation with flame inside a decade or two. Jack Ingraham, the CEO of Qico, said in an interview with Inverse,"A lot of people view water creation as a more respectful option and we’re glad a lot of people will be able to have it. We think this is a trend for the future. I think within 10 years to 20 years, cremation will be thought of as a water-based process, and the entire flame process will be replaced." No actual liquid is returned to the family, but Ingraham did say the bones are, "These are crushed into the ashes returned to the family."

Water cremation also ends up returning 20-30% more ashes to the family compared to traditional cremation. There are many other reasons why water cremation is a better, such as viruses and bacteria which aren't always killed by heat. The highly toxic and powerful chemicals used in water cremation is able to kill all forms of potentially life-threatening pathogens.

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