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HWNDU (He Will Not Divide Us) Stream Goes Live Again with Season 7

HWNDU is an acronyon for He Will Not Divide Us, a silly modern art type of project by one of Hollywood's most known crybabys, Shia LaBeouf. The website "" has promised to air a constant live stream for four years that shows a flag with the words "He Will Not Divide Us" on it.

The website says anyone is free to add to the "art project" by standing in front of the camera and saying "He will not divide us". LaBouf, who is known mostly for a lead in the Transformers mega franchise, can be seen in multiple videos throwing tantrums.

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Some of the star's fits even degrading into racist rants.

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But don't worry, the flag which was put up as an 'anti-trump' stunt has been taken down each time by the young conservatives that gather online and locate the flag each time it goes up. It has been taken down a total of 7 times in the past as one 8chan user points out.

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Some users are already using Code names to plan their 'heist of the flag' some even going so far as to suggest taking the camera this time too. The silly "art project" will likely see it's downfall yet again, after all, you can't have a camera pointed at an Anti-Trump flag and expect no one to mess with it!

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