By: Savannah Smith | 01-08-2017 | News
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Bruce Rauner Should Push For The Second Amendment in Chicago

Fox News' Eric Bolling on his Saturday show "Cashin' In" deplored that his hometown Chicago held the ominous distinction last year of being the deadliest city in America with 762 homicides, exceeding the combined records of big cities Los Angeles and New York. The host also condemned in his two-minuter commentary the way violent crime rate is skyrocketing in Chicago and that gun violence is rampant, with no signs of slowing down. More so, Bolling is appalled with what he described as " a dirty secret" no one wants to addressed- that a " culture of crime" has become a norm in his beautiful, windy city.

Bolling praised President-elect Donald Trump who shares his concern-and alarm- for what's happening in Illinois State's biggest city. Trump tweeted that " Chicago murder rate is record-setting- 4, 331 shooting victims 762 murders in 2016. If mayor can't do it, he must ask for Federal help!".

The broadcast journalist also slammed Democratic mayor Rahm Emanuel as a " failed mayor" and scored his strict anti-gun policies and his liberal anti-police doctrine as contributing to Chicago's current crime woes.

Bolling reiterated why the Second Amendment was created in the first place- that it was intended for the protection of the citizens. He pointed that Chicago's harsh gun laws are a big part of the problem, and that it is high time for Chicagoans to be allowed to carry weapons more freely in order to protect themselves against millions of illegally-obtained firearms that the " bad guys are packing."

The Fox News host reminded everyone how Los Angeles also solved its crime wave problem during the 80s with a gun task force which he thinks Chicago should emulate. Bolling called for a bigger, well-funded and massively increased in size gun task force assisted by actual gun bangers in conjunction with cops hired from the same neighborhoods where violent crimes are being committed. Bolling is convinced that these two steps- giving more freedom for Chicago residents to practice their right to bear arms and more support for gun task force- will be key in turning things around for Chicago, the way Los Angeles managed to solve its crime problems thirty years ago with similar measures.

The Chicago native also underscored that Mayor Emanuel needs to show greater support for the police force as it is crucial for cops to feel that their mayor is behind them 100% to do their jobs more effectively especially when they enter the deadly neighborhoods in Chicago's South and West side.

Bolling underscored his calls for Chicago officials especially Mayor Emanuel and Gov. Bruce Rauner R- Ill.) to "do their jobs" because it is painful for a Second City native like him to hear his hometown be disparagingly called "Chiraq". He called the crime situation in Chicago a matter of life and death already, and that it is high time to protect the most fundamental right of Chicagoans- the right to live, and this, they can only achieve if they protect themselves and practice their Second Amendment rights.

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