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FBI: Missing 14-Year-Old Jersey Girl Abducted by Sex Traffickers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now suggesting that in the case of a missing g 14 year old girl there's a great potential she's now a victim of child sex trafficking after she's completely vanished.

The young girl, Hannah Jones, ran away from her home last week, only to later turn up in a officer related incident with 32 year old Deven Harley; whose vehicle she was in when he attempted run over a Philadelphia Sheriff’s Deputy.

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In that case two Sheriff's Deputies were working the case of the missing Hannah Jones when a white Pontiac Grand AM pulled up to residence, of whom they sat had the girl inside the front seat; only for the car to panic and try to drive into the two Deputies.

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According to the report the young girl jumped out of the car and took off running away from the scene.

Officers say that she may have been kidnapped by these individuals who they believe are potentially involved in human and/ or child sex trafficking which suggests she may be held against her will.

Hannah's mother says however this isn't the first time the girl has ran away willingly;, but it's the longest she's ever left the house without any contact .

"She has told us in the past she puts herself out there on the streets," said Giovannetti. "I don't think she understands that people are waiting for people like her to get her involved in trafficking."

Her mom is desperately pleading that if the girl is with someone that they'll send her back to be with her family.

"Please come home, Hannah," she said. "We love you and we want you safe. Please reach out to someone."

While it remains unclear why the girl was with the suspect who attempted to run over police, it's uncertain as well as to how she knows the suspect; and he's been unwilling to talk to authorities so far.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation does however confirm that the suspect who's in custody has a history of what they describe as <i>“pimping out young girls”</i>.

If anyone's seen Hannah Jones or has information as to her whereabouts they're urged to contact the FBI at (973) 792-3000.


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Matt blanchard No. 9888 2017-10-18 : 13:52

I like the type of stories the Goldwater covers, but the writing is so full of misspellings and grammatical errors that I can rarely get through a story without losing faith in your credibility. I've never gotten halfway through an article without feeling that the whole site is a prank by illiterate high school kids. Get an editor who is familiar with the English language.

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