By: Earnest Jones | 01-08-2017 | News
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The Party Of Losers: Democrats Are Diminishing Out Nationwide

The recent turn of events has proved what was already in many people’s minds, the Democratic Party has been after its own selfish interest for decades. The captain of the Party went down in what many say was bound to happen, thus setting pace for the collapse of the Party. Following the unfortunate occurrence, most Americans are desisting from voting for candidates of the Democratic Party. The apparent defeat of Hillary Clinton pronounced a sound defeat that turns tables over as the will of the people takes over from the malicious intents of the vicious globalists. It’s worth considering the fact that Republicans are controlling the House and Senate in what appears to be the new normal. This is based on the fact that no American who has all his faculty intact is voting for Democrats.

The problem with Democrats is that they are so daft, they never learn from past mistakes. Individuals like Hillary Clinton and her counterparts are always putting their interest first in what appears to be selfishness of the highest order. In collaboration with the globalist, their main agenda is to place the working class on the back burner as they solely reap off the benefits of their malicious acts. They have continuously pursued their selfish intents for a very long time and now Americans are just tired of this trend as a result, this has costed them election after the other.

In a statement issued by Kenneth L. Woodward from The Chicago Tribune, “If Trump pursued the politics of resentment in courting white, working-class voters and their rural cousins, Democrats succumbed to what I call ‘the politics of righteousness’ in overlooking their concerns and underestimating their power.” The problem is that the Democratic Party has no respect for the Middle America and as a result this costed the Party big time.

Woodward makes it clear that, “If Democrats want to recapture their old self-image as ‘the people’s party,’ their political self-examination will have to go deeper than strategy and further back than millennials can remember.”

This has led many young people are gradually abandoning the liberal mindset as they come to their senses, this is based of the fact that many of the false promises that the Democratic party has been issuing will never be realized and hence many have realized that there’s more hope in conservatism and libertarianism compared to liberalism.

The cold and hard truth is that, if the Democratic party will ever rise from the dark trenches that it is currently fading into, it will have to change its strategy. However, the party is never making a comeback, forget it.

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