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88-Year-Old Holocaust Denier Sentenced Again

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Ms. Ursula Haverbeck is famous in Germany. The Press calls her the Nazi-grandma as she has been in and out of the news for many years on end.

Her latest trial came at the fruitful age of 88 where she had to appear after writing in February of this year to the mayor of Detmold to claim that the court proceedings against a former Auschwitz guard being held in his town were a sham, because the notorious Nazi death camp was only a labor camp and any survivors simply 'alleged witnesses' who are lying.

During her trial, Ms. Haverbeck argued with the judge and continuously quoted from rightwing propaganda books whenever it was her time to speak.

The penalty for Holocaust denial in Germany is five years imprisonment. At current, there are as many as six trials pending against Ms. Haverbeck, and she has appealed all of them, meaning that so far she still did not have to serve any jail time.

As said, the 'Nazi grandma' is a notorious nationalist extremist who was once headed a far-right training facility which was shut down in 2008 because German police said it was spreading Nazi propaganda. Mr. Haverbeck has also appeared on national television (ARD network) where she declared that 'the Holocaust is the biggest and most sustainable lie in history'.

She has been very active in the last few years.

Just last month, she was convicted for a similar case but never went to prison as her appeal is pending (that article here:

In September 2016 she received an eight-month prison term for Holocaust denial but has appealed the decision.

Back in 2015, she made a similar statement during the court proceedings of another Auschwitz guard in Lueneburg. for that comments, she received a 10-month prison sentence but as the appeal is still pending Ms. Haverbeck remains free.

It might just be a hunch, but something tells me that as long as she’s 88, she’ll want to get in the news as much as possible.


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