By: Savannah Smith | 01-07-2017 | News
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CNN Buckles To The WikiLeaks Power Of Truth

The high and mighty mainstream media CNN, the self-proclaimed information gatekeeper and similarly self-appointed 'great assessor' of " fake news" that do not subscribe to its preferred pro-Obama and Democrat narrative has proven that it's not so invincible, after all.

In fact, it has demonstrated that when challenged especially with the power of truth, it does buckle down, bowed and defeated. CNN has swiftly issued an apology to whistle-blower WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for calling him a pedophile, and right after WikiLeaks threatened the media organization with a lawsuit.

Shortly after Assange appeared in an exclusive one-on-one interview with host Sean Hannity for Fox News where the whistleblower denied anew that Russia was the source of their DNC email leaks, the biased, Obama and Hillary Clinton-worshipping CNN aired an interview with former CIA counterterrorism " analyst" Phil Mudd where the paid commentator slanderously called Assange " a pedophile who lives in the Ecuadorian embassy in London".

Assange is currently staying in the Ecuadorean embassy in London seeking asylum as he is wanted for extradition to Sweden for sexual allegation charges. Note that those are charges, and far from conviction yet. And it was never established that said accusations against Assange involved, in any way, sexual assaults against children or minors.

WikiLeaks stood its ground and did not let proud CNN to get away with murder, so to speak, in this case, the character-assassination on the part of Assange. WikiLeaks sent a tweet that they have issued instructions "to sue CNN for defamation", with the condition that "unless within 48 hours they air a one hour expose of the plot".

CNN probably knowing it could not stand by its allegations and being made aware of legal implications of its irresponsible and reckless broadcast folded quickly with just one tweet threat. CNN swiftly apologized and deleted a tweet with the contentious video clip of defamatory claims against Assange.

CNN issued this statement: " An analyst on our air earlier today asserted that Julian Assange was a pedophile, and regrets saying it. In fact, CNN has no evidence to support that assertion. Assange is currently wanted for extradition to Sweden to face sexual assaults allegations there and no evidence suggests that the women involved were minors. We regret the error."

Even if it won't admit this, CNN is humbled, if not exposed, by this experience. So perhaps the next time CNN has the temerity to dismiss alternative news and views that challenge the framework it wants to dictate to the American public as " fake news", it should first look itself in the mirror - or on its broadcast monitor and screens- and see the same accusation explode in its own face.

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