By: Frank Willis | 01-07-2017 | News
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Commentary: Killing in Chicago

The current state of mind for every individual in Chicago is that of fear. Even if you do not live in the actual city limits, your life is in danger at any point in time. It is not safe for anybody walking the street of any neighborhood. Nobody is able to point out exactly where the problem originates, but there is systemic deeply rooted faults in the foundation which holds this city together. It is rather surprising that a state of martial law is not enacted immediately, until this issue can be fix and resolved.

According to a total of 714 people were murdered, also a total of 4379 people were shot. There is only 365 days a year and when you do the math that averages to about 12 people being shot a day and 2 people being killed per day. I understand that it has been this way for a long time, but are people's minds so conditioned to accept the daily violence that partakes here? 

If there is anybody to place blame on, you first have to look at the top. Yes I mean the government officials who claim to have control, but always come short when it is time to produce results. Numbers don't lie, and it is beyond evident that there is virtually zero control and we as a people really need to question if we should continue on accepting this below average half assed effort. When did the time come that hard working Americans would allow such stagnant leadership. This is sad that it has come to this. 

If you were to put blame on another aspect, look at the people committing all the crimes. It's no secret and the south and west side of the city is where most of the killings happen. In 2016 the top three areas where murders happened are in Austin (92), Englewood (85), and Garfield Park (57). All three are in the south or west side. The condition that those people have to live in lead a Marjory living a shattered lifestyle, that ensures the community will never be restored. There is a spirit of savage that continues to manifest in the youth and halts the forecast of peace. 

On a personal level, I do not live in the actual limits, but it's nothing but a 20 minute from where I am at. The suburb I live in used to be considered safe, but just a week ago there was a body found in a burning car right around the corner from where I live. I do my best to limit my moves, because you never know when someone is trying to attack you for no reason. I don't bother to party anymore, because being part of the night life in this city is pretty much begging for someone to Victimize you. It's sad that the second most important American city has crumbled so low.

All things stated, there are worst places in the world someone could live. Take Rio de Janeiro for example. It was a miracle that they had the Olympics without anything drastic happening. According to they reported 462 murders in the month of November 2016. That is about 15 murders a day. They need more help, but I do not live in Brazil and I do not witness what is going on there. I would imagine it's not much difference, except they speak Portuguese. 

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