By: Kyle James | 10-17-2017 | News
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California Woman Survives Las Vegas Shooting Only To Loose Home To Wildfire

Michella Flores is a 51-year-old country music fan and flight attendant from Santa Rosa. Flores was in Las Vegas watching country star Jason Aldean sing when bullets rained from the sky tearing into the crowd all around her. She managed to escape the country music festival that night without injury but she was so shaken by the shooting that she was unable to sleep for days.

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A little over a week later on October 8 she was on the way to her parent's home where she was staying and saw an orange glow on a hill. The orange glow quickly morphed into a deadly and constantly approaching threat. Ultimately, Flores and her parents lost their home in the fire just days after she survived the mass shooting in Vegas.

Flores said in an interview with KTVU, "Last Sunday, I was running from bullets. This Sunday, I was running from fire." Flores went on to say, "I called my mom and my mom screamed in the phone and said, 'It's at the bottom of our driveway!'" She quickly returned and with the help of firefighters was able to save her parents home despite the neighbor's house burning to the ground.

In the morning, Flores left for a training class for work in Oakland and while she was gone the fire returned jumping from nearby trees and burning her parent's home to the ground. A heartbroken Flores said, "Almost everything I own is gone. My bed, my bike, my clothes, my flight attendant uniforms."

The California wildfires have claimed a total of 41 people and rising and has destroyed over 5,700 homes. Many people are left with nothing and no place to go, another 88 people are still missing.

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Anonymous No. 9787 2017-10-17 : 05:37

so sad..

Anonymous No. 9788 2017-10-17 : 05:38

The orange glow quickly morphed into a deadly and constantly approaching threat

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