By: Savannah Smith | 01-07-2017 | News
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Michelle Obama Engages In Last Minute Efforts To Further Politicize Food Policy Issues

In the dying days of the Obama administration, both husband and wife - President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama- seem hell bent on stamping the government with their signature programs which unfortunately only bring more harm than good to Americans. Banking again on their much-vaunted "political correctness", the soon-to-be former first lady is engaging in last minute further politicization of supposedly neutral concerns as food and nutrition by partnering with a leftist activist group known for forwarding a hyper-partisan agenda.

Michelle Obama appeared in a television commercial launched this week supporting the new so-called anti-hunger campaign by Food Policy Action Education Fund, the sister organization of Food Policy Action (FPA).

The problem according to Jeff Stier, director of risk analysis of the National Center for Public Policy Research, the FPA is much too politicized and a big apologist for liberal policies that instead of just focusing on solving hunger and nutrition problems, the FPA is more interested and preoccupied with supporting big government programs with high interventionist approach like mandatory GMO labeling, so-called 'sustainable' farming, raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour for most workers by 2020 that will only succeed in increasing the cost of food- programs that will affect the hungry the most as they will likely end up even hungrier.

Stier said that Michelle is setting a dangerous precedent by aligning with a radically left-wing activist group because they are politicizing an issue that should be above politics in the first place.

Michelle has drawn flak for her so-called activism in food policy from food standards to school lunch programs that push for greater federal government intervention. Just this week, it was reported that the Republican-dominated Congress is looking to repeal under the Trump administration the signature program of Michelle-the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010. The House Freedom Caucus, a powerful Conservative group of Republican lawmakers in the lower house, said in its report that the government spent staggering amounts in billions for Michelle's program that proved to be an epic fail because school children are not even eating the food lunches, the food and nutrition supposed standards are not even being met, the schools are wasting money and worrying about disposing the food wastes from the untouched food of the children. Worst part of all is, of course, the fact that taxpayers had to support Michelle's advocacy packaged neatly in political correctness but achieving little, if at all.

Stier pointed out that if Michelle were really sincere in alleviating hunger and assisting the needy, she could have chosen to support many other groups who are not pushing any political agenda.

But looks like the first lady is really more interested in boosting her and her husband's ideology and party rather than truly caring for the hungry, and for the health and nutrition of Americans. Food Policy Action is patently pro-Democrat, coming out with a political scorecard which ranks politicians on how they supposedly vote on food issues. Predictably because of its biases and clear ideological leanings, the scorecard typically shows Democrats scoring extremely high while the Republicans managing only to make the low 20-30% mark.

"Political correctness" again only to serve the interests and agenda of the Obamas and the Democrats.

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