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Dog in Hollywood, Florida Found Stabbed, Stuffed Inside of a Suitcase

This is a very sad, and disturbing story. Caution is advised.

In Hollywood, Florida; animal rights groups, Veterinarians, and law enforcement are in complete shock at the horrors that were discovered involving severe trauma against a mixed pitbull puppy.

Law enforcement were called to the scene near an alley off Lee Street and 19th Avenue in Hollywood, where they said there was a blood soaked suitcase that was moving.

Inside of the suitcase they found the 2-year-old mixed pitbull that had been stabbed multiple times and left to die.

"He wasn't making any type of sound, it just moved once I stood the suitcase up and then that's when my girlfriend shined the light on the bottom of the suitcase and we saw a paw. I mean, it just shows me how terrible this world can be, how cruel people can be," a witness said.

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"We just couldn't stop crying. We weren't expecting it. Every doctor that we spoke to were under the impression he was gonna pull through," Jan Milbyer, Grateful Paws Pet Rescue.

The VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital attempted to perform surgery on the pup, doing everything they could to save the poor animal's life.

The Veterinary Clinic said that they named the pup Ollie, and had raised over $40,000 in a matter of hours from social media awareness campaigns to pay for his treatment.

"People from all over were interested in either fostering or adopting or both. It's just been unbelievable," Milbyer said.

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Ollie wagged his tail in appreciation at the efforts of the Vets who tried to save his life, but unfortunately Ollie succumbed to the severity of his wounds and the blood loss as well as damage to his internal organs and passed away.

"We were all very hopeful. He had two successful procedures on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday throughout the day he kind of slowly began to deteriorate. His body just basically shut down," Veterinarian Dr. Nicole Patterson said.

The suffering endured by this poor dog has everyone heartbroken, and the Hollywood Police Department are now aggressively pursuing this case to attempt to find the culprit responsible for this evil assault upon an innocent animal.

If anyone has any tips or information in this case they're urged to contact the Hollywood Police Department at (954) 764-4357 and help them bring justice to Ollie's killer.


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