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Investigators in Chattanooga, Tennessee said they've arrested a suspect accused of brutal beatings on a young child.

The Chattanooga Police Department says they've arrested Edward Antonio Sims for both Child Abuse and Child Neglect after the child's school noticed severe bruising all over his body, cuts and lacerations, and scars.

The school then contacted Child Protective Services and Chattanooga Detectives who interviewed the child; telling them horror stories of the atrocities committed against him.

Affidavits show that the child told the investigators Sims beat him head to toe, viciously with a belt, on several occasions for wetting the bed.

Sims was dating the child's mother, and the trio lived together in Chattanooga.

The young boy says that Sims beat him on his back, arms, and head, both with the flat side and the closed end of the belt, all while screaming profanities at him, according to the affidavit.

Detectives said the boy was afraid to go home after telling them what happened because Sims had just threatened him a new beating the night before.

According to the child he <i>”cried out for help as Sims struck him but nobody came”</i>.

Child Protective Services took pictures of the abuse endured at the hands of Sims, documenting the various scarring all across the boy's body as well as the severe bruising to his head, back, arms and legs.

The affidavit says that there are both fresh lacerations as well as old scars all across the child's body.

Sims is currently being detained in the Hamilton County Jail without bond, where he's scheduled for trial later this month.


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