By Steve Dellar  |  10-16-2017   News
Photo credit: Hounslow Police

Mr Oliver Chin, resident of Chiswick, an area in greater London, UK was convicted to a 17 months prison term today for a home burglary to which later on shoplifting charges were added

The 32 year old had entered the local Sainsbury’s supermarket in Brentford with a broken pair of scissors on September 1st of this year. He became hostile towards two female employees of the supermarket who pointed out he was obviously shoplifting and was then later detained by the police. During his arrest, he made several racial abuses towards the female employees who had called the police.

Upon his arrival in the local police station, another detective was able to link him to a residential burglary in Chiswick which had happened just a few days earlier, on August 26th. During his escape from that crime, neighbors had declared seeing a man flee with a pair of broken scissors as well. The person’s description also fit.

When they confronted Mr Chin with the alleged crime, he was at first unable to provide any suitable alibi for the evening and went on to admit the crime about two hours later.

In the end, Mr Chin was charged with six various offences to which he all pleaded guilty.

Isleworth Corwn Court convicted him therefore to a prison term for the following charges: eight months for burglary, four months for theft, two months for being in possession of a bladed article, two months for racial aggravation and one month for assault


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