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Whatcha Doing Popeye's? Black Man Charged with Spray-Painting Swastika at UMD in Fake Hate Crime

Law enforcement in College Park, Maryland say that they've arrested a suspect who spray painted a Swastika at the University of Maryland in an attempt depict white people as being responsible for a hate crime.

The clincher? He's a black man.

That's right. Students were completely shocked to hear that such an oppressed peoples could be responsible for a disingenuous act which would make Whitey appear to be antisemitic and full of hate.

I mean, black people didn't do nothing wrong, ever, in history. There's no way they could such a thing, right Black Lives Matter? Right Louis Farrakhan? Right Al Sharpton?

A systematically oppressed group such as the African-American genre is always innocent.

The University of Maryland police, being the evil racist bigots that they are had to have arrested the wrong guy.

52-year-old Ronald Alford Sr. was arrested by the White supremacist officers when he was in his way to church, clearly being targeted because he was black, and wrongfully accused of painting a Swastika on Campus property.

Social Justice Warrior and Feminist student Abby Gotun at the University of Maryland said, “I guess it proves that you don't have to be a certain race to hate people, but I mean, it's just you would think that someone, especially from a race that has been subjected to hate before, you would think why would you want to reciprocate that to somebody else.”

Imagine that, Abby. Also did she just assume his race?

Ronald Alford Sr. now faces a multitude of charges including destruction of property and disturbing the operations of a school; and will be permanently barred from stepping foot on campus property by the evil racist school leaders.

It's like the 1950’s and segregation all over again, not letting a good black man on campus, telling him this is a “White's Only” line.

Certainly someone set Alford Sr. up. There's just no way he could be responsible for this. His mother said he's a good boy.

The oppressive system on Campus must have set him up for the swastika which they claim to have found painted on a trash can at Hagerstown Hall back on September 27th on the fifth floor of the building.

It's like they're trying to make people slaves or something, you know, keeping the Black folks down.

Now Alford Sr. will have a court date later this month.

Won't someone please think of the children? We have to get these evil Nazi Trump supporters out of America!


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