By: Steve Dellar | 10-16-2017 | News
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6 Bison Escape Ohio Farm

Six Bison escaped from an Ohio farm yesterday and were later put down by their owner.

The animals were being held on a farm on Borror Road in Grove City (located just southeast of Columbus) and escaped in the afternoon.

Grove City Police were immediately notified and together with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources they chased the animals for about an hour and a half as they proceeded north through open fields, crossed Holton Road and then reached the Pinnacle Golf Club. The animals were finally stopped in a field near Holton road and Buckeye Parkway before they were put down by the owner.

As they were at that point very close to crossing into residential area, the poor farmer had no other choice left.

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At first attempts were still made to corral the animals but given that they appeared quite agitated, these proved unsuccessful. The bison were then led to a large bean field some 100 acres in size, and shot. None of the police officers on site fired any shots.

Bison are raised for human consumption as the meat is generally considered to taste like beef with lower fat and cholesterol but higher in protein. Just a decade ago, some 35,000 bison were raised for meat consumption in the US, where the National Bison Association provides a ‘Certified American Buffalo’ mark which tracks the animals from birth to consumption via RFID ear tags.

The only free roaming genetically pure herds on public lands in North America can now only be found only in the Yellowstone Park, the Henry Mountains at the Book Cliffs and Henry Mountains in Utah, at Wind Cave National Park in South Dakota, Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana, Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary in the Northwest Territories, Elk Island National Park and Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, and Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan.


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Anonymous No. 9720 2017-10-16 : 12:37

Beautiful animals. Shame.

Anonymous No. 9723 2017-10-16 : 12:58

Now *THIS* is real news! Thank you Goldwater team for bringing real news.

Its a shame that such beautiful animals are being driven to extinction.

Anonymous No. 9730 2017-10-16 : 15:59

woah :)

Anonymous No. 9731 2017-10-16 : 16:01


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