By: Kyle James | 10-15-2017 | News
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150 Missing Vietnamese Children From Foster Care - Victims of Sex Trade

A highly under-reported occurrence is the number of Vietnamese children rescued from traffickers in Britain who then later go missing from their foster homes. Authorities fear the 150 missing children since 2015 are at risk of being recaptured by sex traffickers and sold right back into slavery.

Even the anti child trafficking organization ECPAT of U.K. says that their own research showed an astonishingly large 28 percent of all trafficked children in foster care went missing at least once. The research findings also showed that Vietnamese children were the most likely to abscond. This is likely because they are not just small in stature making them ideal targets but also children of a certain Asian ethnicity which sell for higher prices on the black market.

Chloe Setter, the head of ECPAT U.K., says "It’s a scandal that there are (so many) missing children. It’s going on in every part of the country, but it’s a hidden issue." Leaders who are promoting immigration and in denial of rampant illegal immigrants often criminals having their way in the country raping lone women and trafficking children with impunity.

A government spokesperson said there is a need for specialist foster carers to be trained in looking after trafficked children. Other experts who have weighed in on the issue suggested special safe houses be established with heightened security, support and supervision.

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