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Photo credit: Palm Beach County Jail

Florida Man Charged for 8 Car Burglaries after Leaving a Trail of Blood to his Location

Sometimes “Florida Man” isn't the smartest criminal in history, and law enforcement in Palm Beach say that stupidity is what led them to capture this thief in particular.

Palm Beach Police say they responded a few weeks back to a report of a car window being smashed and Gucci sunglasses as well as Sunpass missing from the vehicle.

According to investigators the crime scene resembled that of seven other recent car break-ins nearby the neighborhood; three of which the suspect was actually captured on video surveillance committing the burglaries.

All of the thefts had one thing in common, the suspect apparently bled all over the vehicles he broke into, leaving DNA evidence for crime scene investigators.

CCTV footage from several homes capture a criminal wearing a light-colored hoodie, light-colored shorts, sneakers, and dark socks in each of the crimes.

After laboratory tests examined the remaining blood at the crime scenes they were able to trace it back to a known felon who had his DNA on record from past imprisonments.

Detectives then went to the home of 33 year old Tyler Longwell, to question him in relation to the series of crimes.

Longwell was at his residence in West Palm Beach when investigators arrived to interview him, but he denied remembering committing any of the crimes due to what he described as his <i>”excessive drug use”</i>.

When he was asked how his blood ended up in the vehicles, Longwell said that <i>”he guessed he must be the one responsible”</i> for the crimes and he was then placed under arrest.

He now faces multiple charges of burglary, grand theft and criminal mischief in the string of burglaries that happened in the surrounding neighborhoods, according to the Palm Beach Police Department.

Tyler Longwell is currently being detained at the Palm Beach County Jail on a $49,000 bail, according to jail records.


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