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Michigan Police Thwart Black Human Traffickers And Rescue Teenage Girl

Officers from the Battle Creek Police have made two arrests and a human trafficking victim has been freed. The police say the investigation is still active and don't want to put it at risk so the details were sparse, but the investigators did say it has the potential of becoming a federal case.

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Local news did interview a woman named Mary Moore who lives in close proximity to the crime scene which is at a home on Lakeview Avenue and she described that around a dozen police cars were at the scene late last week. "“It had to have been like half hour, 45 minutes, they brought out one person. It was a fairly large black man and they had him in cuffs," the neighbor said. Moore said the police cars had been there for about 45 minutes when they brought out the suspect. Then, another 30 minutes passes and they come out with a young girl.

"They brought out a young girl, she couldn't have been any older than 21, she had blonde hair. They put her, they had an ambulance waiting next to the cop car," Moore continued.

Police documents reveal the call to the authorities was initially a welfare check and the yet when the police arrived they found something very sinister. The police report also says the teenage girl was a victim of human trafficking and criminal sexual conduct.

Along with the girl, the police found cocaine, marijuana and two handguns at the house. Detectives say they have arrested two men, one of whom is still in jail.

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About time they started arresting these nigger slave runners

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