By: Steve Dellar | 10-15-2017 | News
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Boyle-Coleman Family Children 'Exuberant' Of Life In Freedom

The Canadian American family of Mr Joshua Boyle and Ms Caitlan Coleman are discovering life outside of Afghanistan for the first time, and the children are loving every moment of it.

In an answer to emailed questions, Mr Boyle said his children, and especially the oldest, are ravishing their freedom outside of Taliban captivity: "Najaeshi Jonah is examining Post-it notes and curtains and paints and board games, remote controls, everything in the house is a wonderland to him. That said, he's terrified to leave the house, even just to go on the porch…it's as though he thinks if he ever exits this magical wonderland it will all end…."

"We have reached the first true home that the children have ever known after they spent most of Friday asking if each subsequent airport was our new house hopefully."

Ms Coleman, from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, was pregnant at the time they were kidnapped and gave birth to four children but Mr Boyle revealed the Taliban extremists killed another daughter and raped his wife. He added: “These are children who three days ago they didn’t know what a toilet looks like. They used a bucket. Three days ago they did not know what a light is or what a door is except that it is a metal thing that is locked in their face to make them a prisoner. And now they are seeing houses, they are seeing food, they are seeing gifts, all of this. They are doing very well.”

The youngest child did have to remain under observation for health reasons. Mr Boyle said: “Our daughter has had a cursory medical exam last night, and hospital staff were enthusiastically insistent that her chances seemed miraculously high based on a quick physical. Full medical work-ups for each member of my family are being arranged right now, and God-willing the healing process – physically and mentally can begin.”


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Anonymous No. 9654 2017-10-15 : 14:05

I know it sounds mean given his loses and injuries , but what was he thinking?

Touring a known WAR ZONE like Afghanistan?????

Anonymous No. 9666 2017-10-15 : 17:19

Yeah, he is an idiot. Will take him a long time to thank the Usa for tipping off the Pakistanis.

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