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Gay Men In Chechnya Are Being Tortured And Killed By Their Own Police

The homosexual community in Chechnya has been under vicious assault as state security force sweep towns with abduction-style detention, disappearances, torture, and deaths. Meanwhile, local officials and Russia turn a blind eye, some even advocating the anti-gay sentiment and targeting of homosexuals. Chechnya is part of the Russian Federation and the authorities are duty bound to uphold the rights and fundamental freedoms of the domestic legislation yet the horrific acts against gay individuals continue.

Minorities and critics of the government are faced with the ruthless state security forces to contend with yet they have very few avenues to contest their actions. The anti-gay sentiment is deeply rooted in Chechnya and is an ideology that is very widespread among its people. Not only do LGBT people face persecution from their own government, they also have to worry about "honor killings" from other community members or even their own families. "Honor Killings" is the ruthless practice of killing someone who 'tarnishes the family honor'. Basically, any reason someone wishes to use can be invoked to commit an "honor killing." If a woman sleeps with a man outside of marriage or is even raped they are at risk of being killed by their own families in the name of 'honor'.

The presidential spokesman gave a recommendation to those who are victim's of these practices or suffer abuse at the hands of law enforcement, he says they should report the cases to the authorities. Basically he says to report the abuse to the ones who are committing the abuse so obviously, that's not going to benefit the victims.

The atrocities against LGBT people in Chechnya are a part of a rising relation against homosexuality, much of which is spewing from Islamic extremists in the Middle East who have released videos of pushing men off 10 story buildings for being gay or straight up beheading them. One woman was the victim of an "honor killing" was killed by her own father under the direction of the Islamic state who filmed the man throwing rocks at his young daughter because she had slept with a man outside of marriage. The girl is seen pleading with her father and grabbing his hand as she asks for forgiveness, he callously won't even look at her and throws the first stone.

The bottom line is it is the responsibility of Western governments to pressure the Russian authorities into stopping this vile treatment of their own gay citizens and put an end to the Islamic Laws that are being allowed to flourish within their own government. This also means allowing those being persecuted safe passage to refugee settlements, expediting humanitarian visas and making it possible for them to live without fear of being the target of violent attacks.

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HarleyRose No. 9647 2017-10-15 : 11:10

It's not cool to just murder homosexuals, but it is certainly preferrable to having them terrorize normals with their absurd demands of 'Respect My Deviance'.

The attacks and demands by militant gays has gone too far. The closet is a Safe Place.

Anonymous No. 9778 2017-10-17 : 05:03

I could not care less. If you openly identify as a homosexual you should be beaten. Either keep it in the closet or we put you in a coffin.

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