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Dangerous Drug-Addicted Illegal Alien Released due to Sanctuary State Policies of Massachusetts

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A rare case that was both somehow able to defy Federal Law and defeat local policies is one that comes as a true shock to law enforcement agencies and is a sign of the reform that needs made in the immigration sector.

According to corrections officials at the Suffolk County Jail, they were forced to release a serious criminal due to the State of Massachusetts having a Sanctuary State policy.

A Cambodian man, Sreynuon Lunn, who was born in a refugee camp in Thailand was arrested this past Tuesday after he and a fellow criminal, Tiffany Bovio assaulted and robbed an elderly woman.

Police say that the pair forced a woman in a wheelchair away from the Bank of America near Charles River Plaza by taking control of her wheelchair and rolling her down the street into an alley and then striking her over the skull before taking off with over $2,000 in cash she had on her possession.

“Lunn stated to a (Massachusetts General Hospital) Police Officer that he and a female known to him as ‘Tiffany’ robbed (the victim) because he stated that he was detoxing and needed drugs,” according to a police report.

“Lunn stated it was Tiffany’s idea and that she kept the majority of the money and that he simply used it to ‘buy a suboxone’ from Tiffany,” the report says.

The two criminals were both on CCTV footage pushing the woman away from the bank and then four minutes later can be seen running from the scene of the crime.

Police later detained the two, holding Bovio on a $500 bond and detaining Lunn on a $2,500 cash bail until he appeared in Boston Municipal Court.

Lunn was well known to police, since this past February he was charged with an unarmed robbery which determined his status as a criminal illegal alien.

That case however was later dropped, but the United States Department of Homeland Security placed an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainee on Lunn to ensure he would be sent back to Cambodia or even Thailand.

During that time Lunn made national news; where social justice warriors and anti-immigration law activists protested and rallied around his case fighting his deportation.

Civil Rights attorneys soon took up his case and fought against ICE, taking the case all the way to the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court eventually sided with Lunn, saying that the state of Massachusetts did not have to hand over Lunn to Federal Authorities and he would remain protect within the state from Deportation.

As part of the July ruling, the SJW wrote that Massachusetts police do not have the authority to arrest someone “at the request of Federal immigration authorities, pursuant to a civil immigration detainer.”

ICE was furious, stating Lunn’s criminal background and danger to society.

He was released by ICE from the Suffolk County jail after federal agents were unable to get travel documents from Cambodian officials, who do not consider him a citizen there.

In effect, Lunn is a man with no country, and under a ruling handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2001, ICE cannot indefinitely hold him.

“ICE’s detention authority is limited to that time necessary to carry out a removal,” an ICE official wrote in an email. “ICE was unable to secure a travel document to allow Lunn’s return to his country of citizenship. When subjects cannot be removed, they must be released from ICE custody.”

Proponents of tough immigration laws have argued that the landmark Supreme Court case, Zadvydas v. Davis, say it allows dangerous illegal immigrants to go free and commit crimes when they should no longer be in the United States.

“This forces ICE to release criminal aliens instead of sending them back to their home countries,” said Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the conservative Center for Immigration Studies.

“Inevitably, this will result in more crimes,” she said. “Non-citizen criminals tend to reoffend just like American criminals do.”

Somehow however Lunn was not only granted freedom but this week committed again, further underscoring the dangers of Sanctuary State policies to society.

This case and this individual can serve as a footnote in the battle as to why all illegal aliens need to be removed from the United States of America, and hopefully it's brought up in Congress as they soon go to bat in order to decide the fate of DACA and Refugee Programs on the Federal Level.


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