By: Steve Dellar | 10-14-2017 | News
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Sub-Sex: UK Nuclear Submarine Removes Female Officer After Captain Liaison

Sailors tend to be more superstitious than the rest of us. The long list of nautical legends, folklore, and superstitions may seem odd in the 21st century, but until 20 or 30 years ago, many in the Navy still believed that a woman onboard a ship was considered ‘bad luck’ as well as a ‘distraction’ to an all-male crew.

Rubbish we will call that now, until….

Nuclear submarine HMS Vigilant came into the news this weekend for just such a story. Sub-Lieutenant Miss Rebecca Edwards, a weapons engineering officer in her twenties who, we will admit, is not the worst looking, was relieved of her post for having an “inappropriate relationship” with the ship’s captain.

The captain of the ship, Commander Stuart Armstrong, 41 years old, gave up his position to another senior officer after fellow officers on board had threatened to resign when the affair became public.

In an incredible twist, the second-in-command, Lt Commander Michael Seal, was afterward also removed for having a similar relationship with another female officer onboard. How totally un-British.

A source within the Royal Navy commented: "This is the woman believed to have had an inappropriate relationship with the CO of HMS Vigilant. An investigation is ongoing but this is not good for either of them. Something seriously wrong happened on HMS Vigilant and we are trying to the bottom of it."

In the UK Navy, relationships within the chain of command are strictly forbidden and where relationships exist in a crew but outside the command chain, a strict "no touching" policy is in place on deployment in a ship.

A British Ministry of Defense spokesman said: “We can confirm the Royal Navy is undertaking an investigation. While this is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to discuss further."

It must have been quite an entertaining voyage on HMS Vigilant we assume. You can only assume that she allowed the captain to ‘up his periscope?’


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Anonymous No. 9607 2017-10-14 : 11:34

I'd "sink her battleship" if you know what I mean.

Anonymous No. 9613 2017-10-14 : 14:05

9607 - I think she would let you torpedo that battleship ….

Anonymous No. 9614 2017-10-14 : 14:08

Periscope up…

Anonymous No. 9625 2017-10-14 : 20:47

Deny human nature and this is inevitable….!

Anonymous No. 9664 2017-10-15 : 16:39

Latest news was that he would let her dress up as captain…

Anonymous No. 9758 2017-10-17 : 01:23

I had an ex-roommate who was a sub-human (that's what another Navy buddy referred to the submariners as). He was kind of a degenerate at that I suppose lol. I remember him telling me the story of how the only time you could jerk it was in the shower. "For years, every time it started raining I'd get an instant hardon."

Anonymous No. 9807 2017-10-17 : 13:04

9758 - Every time it started raining. Great story.

Anonymous No. 9898 2017-10-18 : 17:04

I would stick my periscope up her vagina if you know what I mean… ;)

Anonymous No. 9902 2017-10-18 : 17:10

I know what you mean ….

Anonymous No. 9615 2018-10-20 : 16:42

If the Captain shared "the bounty" with all the other officers, we wouldn't be reading this story.

Anonymous No. 9616 2018-10-20 : 16:43

If the Captain shared "the bounty" with all the other officers, we wouldn't be reading this story.

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