By: Steve Dellar | 10-14-2017 | News
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Texas – 11 Year Old Sexually Assaulted In Frisco Elementary School Bathroom

A mother from Frisco, Ms Courtney Brooks, claims the Frisco ISD elementary school knows her young boy was sexually assaulted but is trying to minimize the events in order for them not to have to deal with the eventual fallout.

The school had the boy sign a form the same day of the assault so they could not be accused afterwards.

Ms Brooks claims her son had to use the bathroom during gym class and was followed by another boy, who slapped him on the ass before getting in. According to Ms Brooks version, the other boy then looked over the wall of the bathroom stall as her son was inside and shook the walls. When her son came out, the other boy grabbed him by the throat with one hand and touched his genitals and penis with the other, through his clothes.

The worried mother immediately called the school when her son told her what happened that evening. The assistant principal says the other boy admitted assaulting her son but brushed aside the charges of sexual assault.

Ms Brooks: "She said she talked to the boys and that the other boy was really upset and that he admitted what he did, but said he was just tickling him."

To her astonishment, the assistant principal, Ms Jodi Jordan, started arguing with her about details of the case and said that ‘it is only sexual assault if there is penetration’. Ms Jordan declined to comment on the story.

Furthermore, the school administrators told the mother not to make a big deal out of it as her boy seemed fine after what had happened. Ms Brooks then contacted police who launched an investigation.

Ms Sarah Pierson, an educator with the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County said the school is unfortunately correct in this case and that when a child touches another child but there is no penetration that such is considered indecency, but not sexual assault.

Ms Brooks wants to warn other parents about this: "When your child walks out the door to go to school, you expect that they’re going to be safe. When a school seems to not care that your son was sexually assaulted, it makes you wonder how safe they really are. I just want to make sure that parents know their rights and that they’re able to speak up. I want to make sure that things like this aren’t going to continue to happen."


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Anonymous No. 9600 2017-10-14 : 08:03

And then the school starts discussing details. Bastards !

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