By: Savannah Smith | 10-13-2017 | News
Photo credit: Leon County Sheriff's Office

9-Foot-Long Anaconda No Match for the Expert Hands of Florida Lady Detective

Sheriff’s deputies in Leon County, Florida had to respond to a different- and maybe, even more, frightening-emergency when they received a call from a neighborhood saying an anaconda was spotted in their area.

But the task of responding to such an unusual emergency is no daunting task for Leon County Sheriff ‘s Detective Emily Shaw. Shaw had experience in handling exotic animals and feels confident that she can safely capture the 9-foot-long-snake.

The Leon County Sheriff Office showed a footage of the impressive handling of Shaw of the anaconda. One of her colleagues was filming Shaw as she tries to handle the anaconda, and could be heard with his little commentaries, and shocked and amazed reactions at the same time.

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At first, Shaw tried to touch the anaconda with a wooden stick. Then the snake moved triggering a shocked reaction from Shaw’s male colleague filming the action. The guy could be heard saying “That’s an anaconda!” Shaw just continued touching the snake with the stick.

Then Shaw moved on to touch the snake with her hand to lift it up and try to move it away from the bushes where it was initially hiding. The guy colleague of Shaw could be heard saying “Girl, you’re crazy!” referring to the bravery of Shaw in touching the snake with her own bare hands.

The video clip shows Shaw pulling the anaconda by its tail and swirling her hand on its rear part as she tries to bring it farther away from the grasses. For a scary moment, the snake moved as if poised to attack Shaw, eliciting a nervous reaction from the guy filming the incident. But quickly, Shaw managed to get the snake under her control again, until she was able to reach for a bag and mightily attempts to put the anaconda inside it. Slowly but steadily, Shaw managed to put the snake inside the bag holding parts of the snake’s body with both hands.

The guy filming could be heard yelling “good job, good job!”. The clips show the detective finishing the task successfully as she zips the bag with the anaconda fully inside. Shaw’s colleague then lets out a celebratory yelp, and said in amazement of Shaw’s “abilities”: “That’s crazy!”

The snake was found on the east side of the county. Authorities say it’s either a pet that escaped or was released.

Deputies reminded the public that instead of releasing their pets, especially the wild ones, owners should contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


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