By: Lawrence Synder | 01-06-2017 | News
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Democrats’ Effort to Block Trump’s Muslim Registry Likely to Fail

Even before President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration, Democratic lawmakers are already making efforts to prevent him from enacting his policies. Earlier this week, nine senators from a Democratic Party introduced a legislation that aims to block Trump’s Muslim registry policy.

Probably one of Trump’s biggest platforms during his presidential campaign was his stance on terrorism and violent attacks on U.S. soil. Aside from working with intelligence agencies, one of his proposals intended to ensure the safety and security of the public is by enforcing a Muslim registry.

Through this system, the government will be able to keep track of citizens based on their ethnic background. For liberals, the proposal is very controversial. They noted that it promotes discrimination based on a person’s religion and race.

This is why on Thursday, Democratic senators including Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont introduced a legislation to block the executive branch of the government to enact a system that registers people based on their religion, nationality, gender and age.

The senators are hoping that the legislation will effectively prevent Trump from enforcing the Muslim registry system.

“Contrary to the president-elect’s beliefs, America’s diversity is not a threat – it is, in fact, our greatest strength,” Merkley said in a statement according to The Hill.

Although the senators are confident that their legislation will be a success, they may have a hard time getting it through Senate. In order for the legislation to pass, it needs at least 60 votes, with 12 coming from the Republican Party.

In other words, despite the senators’ efforts, their legislation will most likely not pass through. Aside from the Republicans’ support for Trump’s policies, there are also other lawmakers who believe that introducing a Muslim registry will be good for the general public since majority of the attacks inside the U.S. were orchestrated by Muslims or those with ties to Islamic countries.

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