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'Criminal-Like' Unmasking by Obama Admin Under Investigation

Barack Obama and his Administration are filled to the brim with criminals and mischievous wrongdoings.

Nothing has come of these proceedings. Even when substantial evidence of wiretaps of Trump's Campaign by the highest levels of the Obama Administration were revealed.

News now comes to us that the House Select Committee on Intelligence will be cranking up the volume on the Obama Administration’s criminal activities.

There was illegal surveillance of Trump's aides while they were meeting with foreign officials.

The meetings between the aides who were part of the Trump Campaign and foreign leaders should have been private; it is in no way illegal or wrong for such conversations to occur.

Nearly a year into the Trump Administration, false claims of collusion have proven to net zero results outside of liberal crybaby pundits who scream <i>muh Russia</i> at every chance they get without offering a single shred of evidence to support any wrongdoings.

The Obama Administration did collude, however. And with several groups including the now infamous Fusion GPS group to create the fraudulent Trump Dossier in an attempt to smear Donald Trump as a candidate in hopes they could short some of the steam of the campaign; but as we know <i>The Trump Train</i> steamrolled it's way to victory despite their best efforts.

Fusion GPS is nowv subject to investigation. but did those orders came from the highest levels of the Obama Administration, possibly from Barack Obama himself?

On October 4, Fusion GPS was issued subpoenas to appear before a where it's expected that the payment to former British MI6 Agent Christopher Steele to compile the fraudulent Trump Dossier will come into question.

This is foreign collusion.

What did Barack Obama know? What did Barack Obama order? Did they make the call to attempt to save the dying Clinton campaign?

We all know now that's why the Obama Administration has been lurking in the shadows with Barack Obama so silent on these matters; but can the House Intelligence Committee prove it?

We hope.

There is zero doubt that the Obama Administration per Susan Rice ordered the unmasking. There is even less doubt that Barack Obama knew about it - even if off the record.

Those who were unmasked had their names leaked directly to liberal news outlets in the fake news propaganda media. This is certainly not a coincidence.

Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova told <a href="">The Daily Caller</a> that former UN Ambassador Samantha Power ordered the unmasking of officials on more than 260 (yes a whopping 260) occasions, AND that the Obama Administration had full knowledge that this was occurring.

Power was so aggressive in her attempts to unmask both officials from the Trump Campaign and those on the transition team, that she demanded unmaskings on an almost daily basis.

Stunning considering that never before in American history has an outgoing Administration stooped to trying to subvert an incoming Presidency; something that if happened 100 years ago would result in a Civil War.

It's treasonous. “Her aggressive use of unmasking requests sends a very, very suspicious signal that she was working hand in glove with somebody to get information,” said Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova.

Power has been previously subpoenaed to handover documents, but now we know she agreed to testify in private.

What did she tell them? Everyone wants to know who the official was who ordered her unmaskings in order to understand why there was an ongoing effort to hurt the Trump Campaign.

So who was that person? It had to be Barack Obama, as is what common perception is currently in DC.

Now we wait, and the gears of war are turning; against the corruption and deceit of the former Administration and their Deep State subversion efforts.

If there is any justice in America, these people will face the hammer of judgment for their crimes.

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