By: Steve Dellar | 10-13-2017 | News
Photo credit: Cardiff Court Services

Gay Couple Killed Their 18 Month Old Adopted Baby

The London court services allowed the release of a picture of the 18 month old little baby girl, named Elsie Scully-Hicks, that was found dead (and full of bruises) at the house of her adoptive parents, a gay couple, 7 months after arriving there.

One of those adoptive parents, Mr Matthew Scully-Hicks is being blamed by his life partner Mr Craig Scully-Hicks for the death of the toddler.

Mr Matthew Scully-Hicks, 31 years old, was an out of work fitness instructor who neighbors described as someone who just couldn’t cope with a crying child. A woman who lived on the same floor declared to the court that she could hear the dad shout "shut the f* up" through the walls and calling baby Elsie a "silly little c*," before adding that he would often sound "exasperated" and "frustrated."

The doctor at the emergency department where the baby was brought in also reported the father, Mr Matthew Scully-Hicks to the police because of his "very calm" explanation about why she was dying.

Dr Tuthill stated to the court: "His behavior was very strange and calm. I said to a colleague: 'That's very strange he's so calm'. Parents are usually in floods of tears and it's my job to comfort them. A child has just died. It struck me as very unusual. He was very calm and out of the ordinary. Normally you'd expect a father or mother to be in tears."

The doctor declared to the judge that nothing about the father’s story made any sense about the baby’s death.

He said: "He said she'd been in one room and he went into another. I took it that it was not long. He came in and found her not breathing and started to try and resuscitate her. There was nothing to explain then given her history why her heart had stopped."

Multiple witnesses have now informed the Cardiff Crown Court that Mr Scully-Hicks had assaulted little Elsie over a period of seven months at his home after taking in the baby with his husband.


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