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Photo credit: London Met Police

17-Year-Old Girl Sexually Assaulted 3 Separate Times In One Night

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Police in London say a 17-year-old girl was walking home from a night out when she was believed to have been sexually assaulted three separate times. The trio of attacks took place within the period of an hour after she became separated from her friends. The vicious attacks started shortly before midnight Friday September 29 when a security camera showed her being carried by a man on Cambridge Heath Road.

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The pair are last seen entering a dark doorway on the same road, the man is in dark clothing and does not exit the doorway in the rest of the video. Articles of the top of half of the girl's clothing were found nearby where the security camera spotted them. Then, minutes later another CCTV camera shows the girl stumbling down Mint Street where she is being followed by another male with a beard and a bicycle.

London police say the bearded man followed the teen along Mint Street and they disappear in an area not seen by the cameras. The next time the teen is visible on CCTV the man is walking away and the girl appears shortly after looking very disheveled and continues on her way stumbling down Corfield Street this time. By 12:45 a.m. the girl is the victim of a third attack, police say there were likely two or three men involved in this third assault.

Police say one of the men appears to bend down towards a spot on the curb between parked cars and this is when detectives believe she was sexually assaulted a third time. Investigators are looking into the possibility she was drugged and are currently performing toxicology tests on the victim.

Suzanne Jordan, a detective inspector with the Metropolitan Police's child abuse and sexual offences command says,

"This is a horrific multiple sexual assault on an young female who was simply making her way home after a night out. We would like to thank the members of the public who intervened to help her and possibly prevented her ordeal from continuing even further. We believe two of the three were very serious sexual assaults indeed, and are determined to catch the persons responsible for these hideous crimes."

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MSNH17 No. 9553 2017-10-13 : 13:08

That poor child!! I hope to God these animals are caught and locked up. Young girls need to STAY SO CAREFUL. You can never. Ever. Become separated from friends after a night out. These particular - and peculiar - men will always be lurking. God be with her and her family. Sending real love, hugs and prayers. Stay faithful to God, honey. STRONG. xo

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