By: Savannah Smith | 10-13-2017 | News
Photo credit: Ivana Boirachuk

Topless Woman Hanging Out of Car Window Gets Hit By a Lamp Post and Dies

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A woman was having such a fun- even wild- time while on holiday in the Dominican Republic when a tragic accident cut her trip- and unfortunately, her life- short.

Natalia Borodina, 35, a Russian mother, topless in the passenger seat of the car leans out of the window, screaming in apparent glee before she collides and gets hit with a lamp post.

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The driver, a friend of the victim, was filming her while driving the car.

Apparently, Borodina has taken off her bikini top and was playing to the camera and dangerously hauled half of her body out of the window while her friend continues driving.

The shocking video shows Borodina letting her upper body hang out of the car window for a while before she hits a lamp post.

The video was recorded by Borodina’s friend, Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, while she was driving on a highway near Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic.

Borodina was even shown playfully licking her finger in her mouth and was even laughing at the recording camera, but a few seconds only later, the video shows impact.

Borodina was taken to the hospital while as she suffers from a severe craniocerebral injury. She, however, later died in the hospital.

It is not indicated whether the victim is drunk when the accident took place, or if her friend was also driving under the influence of alcohol. It is also not clear if authorities will still investigate whether the driver was driving recklessly, or if she has also some accountability for the death of her passenger and friend. It is not clear why she has not seen the lamp post, and did not do anything to avoid it.

Reports from local media have it that Borodina might have been traveling with her 8-year-old child. Her family and friends have been informed of her tragic death.

Borodina is originally from Zlatoust, an industrial city in the Urals, then moved to the regional capital Chelyabinsk, before relocating to Moscow. She also worked recently as a real estate agent in Cannes, France selling properties to wealthy Russian buyers.


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